Appearing in "The Company of Thieves Part Two"

Featured Characters:


  • Captain Grast Horstrogg
  • First Mate Shakka
  • numerous unnamed pirates


  • Earth-5556 (Doctor Who Universe)
    • Madrias Sector of Space



  • The TARDIS
  • Qutrusian Cargo Freighter X-703

Synopsis for "The Company of Thieves Part Two"

  • Synopsis not yet written.


  • Panini UK Ltd, Marvel’s UK partner, continued to publish Doctor Who Magazine after this issue but this was the last issue to carry the Marvel name in the indicia and logo on the cover (the tiny red symbol next to the barcode).
  • “The Company of Thieves” storyline concluded in the next issue. Kroton travelled with the Doctor until the conclusion of the next storyline in which he became responsible for maintaining the structure of the omniverse.

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