Quote1 Good job every TARDIS carries a spare dimension as standard equipment! Quote2
-- The Doctor

Appearing in "The Iron Legion"

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  • The Doctor's TARDIS

Synopsis for "The Iron Legion"

Continued from last issue...

While the Bestiarus clash with the Iron Legion in the city, The Doctor finds himself trapped by Magog inside the circus in the city. Magog uses his powers to make images of himself appear all around The Doctor. When this doesn't impress The Doctor, Magog, uses his powers to hurt the Time-Lord. The Doctor sees a nearby TV camera trained on the activity in the circus below, and he grabs it and turns it on Magog. Magog's face appears on TV screens all across the city, and The Doctor says that this is the face of the citizens' god. Seeing Magog's vile face, they hear The Doctor telling them to rise up, and they begin to attack the nearby robots of the Iron Legion. Magog knocks The Doctor down, and prepares to eat him.

He tries to bite into The Doctor's leg, but finds that it's quite tough, and he drags the Time-Lord off in search of the TARDIS, exclaiming that The Doctor will tell him the secret of the TARDIS before he dies. The Doctor takes him inside the ship and shows him the controls, and The Doctor manipulates him into pressing a red button on the console. Magog does, and a portal into an empty dimension opens, pulling Magog into it. The Doctor gloats and closes the portal, trapping Magog in the dimension forever. Elsewhere, the other Malevilus attempt to leave in their ship, which is attacked by hordes of Bestiarus. The ship takes off, but suddenly the engines die and the ship crashes and explodes killing the remaining Malevilus. Later, The Doctor says goodbye to Vesuvius, who has been appointed as the new emperor. The Doctor also gives him the name of a good boarding school to take the old emperor, Adolphus Caesar, to. With that, he wishes them luck, and leaves in the TARDIS.

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