Doctor Yokotio was an inventor for the Imperial Japanese Army during World War II. By the fall of 1944, he had developed a massive submarine made to look like a sea dragon to attack American ships.

During an attack on an American troop convoy, one of the ships Yokotio's Sea Dragon was attacking contained Captain America and Bucky who fought back with the ship's guns. During the attack, the Sea Dragon "ate" Bucky, prompting Cap to dive into the "creature's mouth" revealing its true nature to the two heroes. Traveling inside the ship, a fight broke out. In a panic, Yokotio accidentally activated the vessel's diving mechanism, causing the ship to flood. While Captain America and Bucky fled the Sea Dragon, Yokotio and his men were pinned inside by the flooding water. As the Sea Dragon sank, the ocean's pressures crushed it, causing an massive explosion and insuring that if Yokotio and his men had not drowned, the explosion surely killed them.[1]


Dr. Tokotio's Sea Dragon sub

Dr. Yokotio created a submarine that in the likeness of a sea dragon. It could move very quickly, dive in and out of water, and had a massive mouth cavity that could seriously damage ships.

Dr. Yokotio states that his Sea Dragon is "the only one of its kind". This is incorrect, as the Japanese used a similar vessel, the Dragon of Death, piloted by Captain Okada in 1941. It too was sank by Captain America and Bucky[2].

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