Quote1.png There are truths you never believe until they confront you -- the morals you hear in fairy tales as a child, the hidden truths you study in college as myths. Sometimes, in those tales and myths, the dark gods let you leave the forest. Sometimes they give you boons or gifts. They never forget those favors they grant you... And though they never ask for anything in return then -- Sometimes they come back. Quote2.png
-- Major Donald Gaffney

Appearing in "Man Is But a Dream of a Shadow"

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  • Greece
  • Mount Weather
  • Rainier Mesa



Synopsis for "Man Is But a Dream of a Shadow"

  • Synopsis not yet written.

Solicit Synopsis

Doctor Zero is a prisoner of the US government's Military Response and Covert Techniques Squadron. At least, that's what the "MERCHANTS" think. But the truth is something far more frightening.

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