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Dr. Von Helstog was a member of the Nazis who was active as a spy during World War II and was a master of hypnosis. During the beginning of 1945, Von Helstog was in Washington D.C. posing as an inventor with an invention that he wanted to demonstrate to the Navy. This was a means of getting a high ranking military official to sign some paperwork and steal some blueprints. However his mission was interrupted by Miss America. While the heroine was busy fighting off Von Helstog's men, the hypnotist fled the scene.

Having been tracked to his hideout by Miss America, Helstog used his hypnotic powers on her to put her into a trance like state. He then gloated over his plans of bombing American ships at the nearby harbor before leaving. Miss America fought off the effects of his hypnosis and then attacked his plane. After jamming the bomb bay doors, he fought Helstog and his men inside the plane causing it to go on a collision course with the ocean. Miss America abandoned the plane just moments before the plane hit the water and exploded, killing Helstog and his minions.[1]

Powers and Abilities


Dr. von Helstog has hypnotic abilities, it is unknown if this is a skill or a power that he commands. Those under his hypnotic spell can be put to sleep, in a trance, or be made to follow his orders. Those with strong wills can shake off the effects of his hypnosis. The length of time it takes for one to naturally shake off the effects of Helstog's hypnotic abilities, or their limitations are unrecorded.

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