Doctorangutan is a Orangutan, with the ability to speak. He is a scientist with extremely high intellect and is extremely long-lived. He was a member of the Nazis during World War II, frequently going boar hunting with Air Marshall Hermann Göring.[1] His whereabouts after the war are not known, but presumably he went into hiding to avoid arrest as many of his fellow war criminals did. He joined Geoffrey Sydenham's ICON organization alongside many other former Nazi operatives in the late 1950s and was sent to Wakanda as part of General Skul's force that was tasked with pillaging the African nation's advanced technology. His force, however, was opposed by Nick Fury's Avengers. Doctorangutan was knocked unconscious by Kraven the Hunter during the ensuing struggle.[1]

Doctorangutan was then not heard from for years, until he appeared in the modern era, working with The Hooded Eye in developing the technology to transfer super powers between people. After the machine he created was used to give Beverly Lacoco her powers, she killed both Doctorangutan and The Hooded Eye, deeming them useless.[2]


  • Genetically Enhanced Orangutan: Doctorangutan has intellect far greater than most simians. He is capable of speech and is a very successful scientist.

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