Doe Eyes was a Native American woman who lived during the days of the American Frontier. She was a member of a Pawnee tribe that lived in the Great Plains. She was sought after by two rivaling warriors, Arrowhead the son of chief Bear-That-Walks, and Running Wolf the son of the tribal medicine man Snake Fang. However, neither man was worthy of taking a woman as they had not gone on the War Trail. Tribal leadership went through turmoil when Snake Fang secretly had Bear-That-Walks murdered by a white trader so he could trade the tribe's gold in exchange for alcohol. This was exposed by Arrowhead who slew Snake Fang and the trader, an action that made him an outlaw to his people[1].

Shortly after his exile, Arrowhead and Doe Eyes were reunited when Arrowhead was injured fleeing soldiers and brought back to his tribe by his friend Andy Crockett for medical attention. However the reunion was shorty lived when Arrowhead faced his rival Running Wolf in battle, then fled to clear his name for an unrelated series of murders[2]. Later Doe Eyes was lusted after by an outlaw named Joel Turk who sought to make her his wife. Calling in a favor to the Pawnee's rivals the Sioux, they attacked the Pawnee village and kidnapped Doe Eyes for him. Witnessing the kidnapping, Arrowhead rescued her and killed Turk. When Doe Eyes asked Arrowhead to let her go with him, he refused, not wishing her to live the life of an outlaw as he does and returned her to her people[3].

It is unknown is Doe Eyes and Arrowhead ever were reunited again, and her subsequent fate is unrevealed.

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