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Official Name
Doka'abi Clan
Current Member(s)
Chak, Maeera, unnamed members
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The Doka'abi Clan was a tribe formed by Headman Bahng for protection, and it was originally comprised of civil servants, scribes and mechanics from the city of It'Jam in Sakaar. Once several tribes were united under the Warlord's rule, the Doka'abi Clan was chased into the desert.

When the Warlord's forces demanded the Doka'abi Clan to run the gauntlet, a challenge for survival, Bahng's clan attempted to contact the Hulk for help so he could represent his clan as their champion. Their call for help was heeded by Amadeus Cho, the successor of the late Bruce Banner.[1]

Following his victory over the Gauntlet and the fall of the Warlord, the Hulk and his ally Odinson helped the Doka'abi build a fortified village so they could begin rebuilding civilization.[2]

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