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  • Thor (Only in flashback)
  • Hulk (Only in flashback)
  • Ant-Man (Only in flashback)
  • Wasp (Only in flashback)




Synopsis for "Yesterday's Tomorrows"

Loki has successfully tricked the Avengers and the Fantastic Four into altering the course of history, restoring Knorda to her relative youth and changing history so that she rules over the world. Knorda asks Loki why he has done all of this and he explains that he has need of a goddess now in the present as he did in the distant past when he first sought out Knorda -- which led to her being banished to Earth. She considers the idea of allowing Loki to be her kind. When she remarks at how the outside world looks vastly different now, Loki explains that he has warped all of reality to better suit their needs. In this new timeline, Knorda's mortal form of Miss Queen established the Praxis Corporation and eventually formed it into a world power. Knorda is very impressed by this news, but is not willing to fully accepting it, knowing full well that Loki is a trickster. Loki gives her that but tells her that he has achieved his greatest goal, but ensuring that Thor died centuries in the past the Avengers nor the Fantastic Four are born in this era and the pawns that he used to collect the golden apple slices are lost spirits in time and space.

At that moment in the Nexus of All Realities the spirits of the Fantastic Four and the Avengers meet up and compare notes. As it turns out they were all tricked by the being that they believed was Doctor Strange into collecting the apples and Thor is missing among them. When Sue comments how she dimly remembers someone named Thor, both Iron Man and Mister Fantastic realise that the altering of reality will soon being to affect them as well. They believe that they can take possession of their bodies in this reality and use them to restore reality. They all head out to find their counterparts in this reality, all agreeing to meet at the location where Avengers Mansion was located in their reality. The Fantastic Four try to go to the location of their headquarters in the hopes that the team might exist on this world. Instead they find a massive Praxis building, which they all recognise as a reclusive company that exists on their own world as well. Reed decides that this requires more investigation and tells the others to continue their mission while he looks into this further.

As Reed explores the building he is surprised by the technological advancements made by this society, despite their adherence to a 1930s aesthetic. Much to his surprise Reed is shocked to see that his counterpart in this reality works for Praxis and is a subordinate to Victor von Doom. Doom is threatening to expose the expenses involved in Reed's latest experiments unless he shows a prototype. With his job on the line and his research in jeopardy, this realities Reed Richards shows off his newly built time machine. While this Reed Richards is explaining how the device works he doesn't see Victor reach for a blunt object and knock him out with it. Von Doom then boasts about how he will use the time machine to alter history and rule the world.

Meanwhile, Johnny has managed to track down his counterpart in this reality who turns out to be a Formula-1 Racer participating in a race in Indiana. Flying there, Johnny watches as his counterparts car tire suddenly bursts causing the car to crash. While on Yancy Street, Ben learns that his counterpart in this reality owns a pizza parlour with his wife Alicia Masters and that they have a daughter together named Petunia. Seeing this beautiful reality, causes Ben to shed a tear because at least to him this reality has a happy ending for him. Elsewhere the Invisible Woman and Iron Man learn that on this reality Susan Storm is married to Tony Stark. They come to the two as they are fighting over how they flirt with other people during their parties. As the unhappy couple get into spat and storm off. Iron Man after Stark, and Sue after her counterpart. Because the Fantastic Four don't know that Tony Stark is Iron Man, Iron Man leads Sue to believe that has sought out Stark to find his "bodyguard" and realises later that when he meets up with the group he will have to wear a mask. In yet another part of the city Captain America discovers that he and Bucky were never lost during the war and both are old men now. This reality's version of Steve Rogers cannot walk, but when Cap takes possession of his counterpart it restores his ability to walk. The Scarlet Witch manages to find her counterpart in this reality as well, who has set up shop as a fortune teller. When Wanda possesses this version of herself it is while she is with a client, frightening the woman badly enough to flee the scene. Back at the Praxis Building, Reed takes possession of his counterpart and discovers that the possession also gives him use of his powers in this body. Reed then quickly uses his stretching powers to dispatch Von Doom before he can use the time machine for his own evil purposes. Reed then is on his way out when he hears a familiar voice dispensing medical advice.

From their hideout in the Swiss Alps, Loki and Knorda witness their foes as they take possession of their counterparts in this reality and begin rallying together. Knorda asks Loki if he was aware they would be able to do this. Loki suspected it and decides to make his presence known so he can stop them from restoring reality as they know it. Soon everybody meets up together and Ben asks why he didn't change into the Thing when everyone else appears to have gotten their powers once possessing their counterparts. Reed suggests that perhaps Ben doesn't want to change. Before Ben can inquire about what Reed means, the rest of their fellow exiles arrive at the scene. Suddenly they are greeting by "Doctor Strange" who tells them that they must work together to stop their adversary. Reed then calls out "Strange" as their foe, explaining how he ran into the real Doctor Strange of this reality, a mere physician with no memories of their past. With the absence of Thor among their numbers, Reed has correctly deduced whom they are facing. Loki then drops his disguise and reveals that he was the mastermind of everything that has transpired and that when he is done, he will see the destruction of both the Fantastic Four and the Avengers.

This story is concluded in Domination Factor: Avengers #4.8


Continuity Notes

  • Loki refers to how his centuries old rivalry with his step-brother Thor led to the creation of the Avengers. This was first depicted in Avengers #1.
  • Iron Man keeps his identity as Tony Stark a secret from members of the Fantastic Four. At the time of this story, Iron Man's identity was not public knowledge. Although his thoughts indicate that none of the Fantastic Four know his identity, in reality Mister Fantastic has known for years as seen in New Avengers: Illuminati #1 as a member of their secret organisation known as the Illuminati. Of the Avengers, only Captain America is aware that Tony Stark is Iron Man at this time, as he learned this double identity in Avengers #216.
  • Captain America is surprised to see himself and Bucky alive and in their twilight years. In Cap's reality, Cap was put into suspended animation in 1945 and believes that Bucky was killed in action as seen in Avengers #4.

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