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Domini was raised in a convent, but escaped and joined the satanic cult The Church of the Damned, which was headed by Anton Lupeski. She was set up to become a human sacrifice, when Dracula decided to intervene as a way to co-opt the human followers. Dracula impersonated the demon who was supposed to be summoned and commanded that Domini not be slain. Lupeski offered Domini as a bride, and Dracula accepted.[citation needed]

Dracula and Domini used to a spell to impregnate her, and she gave birth to their son Janus. Lupeski, fearing that Dracula would take control of his cult, hired Quincy Harker's outfit to slay Dracula. The vampire hunter ambushed Dracula at a ceremony announcing Janus as Church's new leader. Lupeski shot Dracula, but Dracula turned into mist to escape. The bullet hit baby Janus, who died. Dracula then killed Lupeski.[citation needed]

Domini went to Janus' grave and magically resurrected him by merging him with a spirit called the Golden Angel. This transformed Janus into an adult. Dracula and Janus were called before a demon naming itself as Satan. The demon turned Dracula back into a human, and Domini convinced Quincy Harker to let him go.[citation needed]

Later, Harker killed Dracula anyway and Janus was transformed back to a little baby. Then he got kidnapped by Varnae. Domini went to the Nightstalkers for help. Blade tracked Janus to Taj Nitall, an old vampire hunter who and been turned into a vampire. Nitall, Frank Drake, Hannibal King, Varnae, and Bloodstorm (Dracula's clone) all seemingly died when Blade and Frank destroyed Varnae's headquarters. Janus's body could not be found. Domini and Blade attended the funeral of Frank Drake and Hannibal King.[citation needed]


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Precognition: She had minor extra-sensory perception, including clairvoyance and precognition.

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