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Quote1.png I thought it appropriate attire for this assemblage. It's a souvenir from my days as a theatrical performer. I was Hex, Master of Mysterious. Quote2.png

Dominic "Dom" Destine was the child of the immortal Adam Destine and the Djinn Elalyth. Dom is among the younger members of Clan Destine and is afflicted with extremely enhanced senses.[1][8]


As a child, Dominic felt neglected by his father Adam, whom he saw as aloof. His older brother Newton posed as his uncle and acted as his primary guardian (similar the arrangement with Walter caring for Rory and Pandora).[1]

In 1969, Dom attended Woodstock with his brothers William, Newton, Sebastian, Maurice Fortuit, and Vincent using Adam's VW van.[8]

Prior to Vincent's death, as Dominic Fate he performed as an illusionist and escapologist under the guise of Hex, the Master of Mysterious in New York City's Greenwich Village.[1][4][6] During one performance he encounter with a Chinese puzzle box that caused him to fall into an occult dimensional realm, from which he was rescued by Doctor Strange.[4]

After Adam killed Vincent, and because his brother Walter allowed him to, Dominic, who harbored resentment towards them for many years, retreated to a remote island for 11 years, in part because his enhanced senses feel overwhelmed by the multiple stimuli in more urban areas.

Although Dominic moved back to the Destine family estate following Adam's return to Earth, he refused a reconciliation with Adam, saying that he would never forgive him for killing Vincent. He went to live on Ethera with his brother Newton.[6]



Due to his magical heritage, Dom possesses several powers including:

  • Superhuman Senses: Dominic has super humanly acute senses.
    • Hyperacusia: His sense of hearing allows him to hear through concrete and steel walls.[1]
    • Hyperosmia: His sense of smell is so acute that he can even detect the scent of someone who has previously handled an object that he examines. He can also identify the specific food ingredients that someone has handled, even after they have washed their hands, and can smell the traces of other people that person has been near.[3]
    • Hypergeusia: His sense of taste is so acute that a small bite of chocolate intoxicated him into unconsciousness, in part because of years of eating only seafood.[9]
    • Superhuman Vision: His eyesight allows him to see wavelengths of the EM spectrum outside the normal human range. He can also perceive the aura surrounding his sister Samantha that she can tap into to utilize her armor. He is able to ascertain whether a building contains machinery or life forms, even from a distance.


  • Combat Skills: Hex is an expert hand-to-hand fighter, with great agility, and his knowledge of pressure points and nerve clusters makes him one of the few people who can hurt or subdue his brother Walter in his monstrous state.
  • Deductive Reasoning: Dominic has a capacity for flawless deductive reasoning. This, along with his enhanced senses, make him the ultimate sleuth.
  • Escapology: Dominic is also skilled in stage illusions and escapology.


  • Sensory Overstimulation: Dominic's senses can be occluded if they are overloaded by infra-red, microwave and sonic emissions from hi-tech security systems, and being scanned by high-frequency wavelengths can cause him great pain. He can be overwhelmed by the multiple stimuli of urban areas.



  • Anechoic Chamber: When living at the Destine estate, he usually spent his time in an anechoic chamber that his brother Newton built below the manor, which remained after the manor was destroyed.
  • Signal Watch: Newton built Dominic a special watch that would allow Dom to contact Newton across the Multiverse.[1][5][10]
  • Sensory Isolation Shell Generator: Newton built Dominic an isolation shell generator for Dominic to wear on his wrist, which creates anti-stimulation aura, as a sort of portable isolation chamber.



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