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Quote1.png I'll admit it... Even with the public drunkenness, indecent exposure and projectile vomiting... I figured this for a milk run. I've been wrong before. Quote2.png
Dominic Fortune

Appearing in "Dominic Fortune, Part 1"

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Other Characters:

  • Katrinka (Prostitute)




Synopsis for "Dominic Fortune, Part 1"

Dominic Fortune had hired himself out as a mercenary pilot for Paraguay during the closing days of the Chaco War. It was here that he met Delatriz Detancourt, a Paraguayan whose grandfather came from the American South, relocating to South America towards the end of the American Civil War. Detancourt is a pilot herself, one who offers Fortune some work once the war is over. While she is busy talking, however, she neglects to protect Fortune's flank and his plane is shot down. Luckily, Fortune manages to escape and open his parachute, landing in the rooftop pool of the La Floridita hotel. Here he meets the beautiful American actress Hazel Fontaine, who had been sunbathing nude on the hotel's roof. The actress invites Fortune to dinner at the hotel that evening.

Fortune arrives, along with Detancourt, who introduces both the mercenary and the actress to American business magnate Malcolm Upshaw. Betancourt informs Fortune that Upshaw is one of the people that was interested in giving him some work. Fortune, however, knows of Upshaw and his anti-Jewish sentiments and reveals that he is himself Jewish, as is Hazel Fontaine who was born Hadassah Feinstein, and has no desire to work for such a bigot.

The following week Fortune returned to Los Angeles where he pursues an affair with Fontaine. He is contacted by her movie producer husband, who is himself known for his many affairs at the office, who offers Fortune an "easy" job. He is to essentially bodyguard and babysit three aging movie stars and keep them out of trouble for three weeks, a job that will pay $20,000, a massive sum of money during the Depression Era. Fortune accepts and finds himself in a house of ill-repute looking for the three men that he has been hired to protect. He finds his charges drunk and trying to solicit sex. He makes the men promise to behave like gentlemen before bringing them out to dinner. Upshaw, however, had decided that Fortune was enough of a threat to eliminate and his men are positioned in the restaurant. They send a woman over to flirt with P.T. Oakley, before one of the men goes over pretending to be the woman's husband. Fortune sees through the ruse and fights back. One accidentally slits the other's throat before biting down on a cyanide capsule himself. Both men have the same unique crucifix attached to their lapel, leaving Fortune wondering where he has seen it before. Upshaw is very upset at the failure of the operatives to get rid of Fortune.

Elsewhere, a group of men dressed as soldiers with the same crucifix on their uniforms hunt down a half naked prostitute through the woods. They catch her and kill her claiming that she can't be allowed to reveal any names.

Solicit Synopsis

The depression’s going strong, so when Dominic Fortune is hired to bodyguard Jock Madison, Vaughn Lorillard and P.T. Oakley, three drunk and disorderly Hollywood stars, he jumps at the chance to pick up what looks like a few easy bucks, and maybe have a few laughs in the bargain. But when the trio of old school hambones and horndogs prove to be a bigger pain than he anticipated -- and he accidentally stumbles across a conspiracy headed by mysterious American businessman Malcolm Upshaw and Delatriz Betancourt, the recklessly sexy granddaughter of Confederates who fled Reconstruction for South America -- Fortune finds himself in hot water…with the fate of the USA at stake

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