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Quote1.png The job was simple... All I had to do was keep three drunken movie stars out of trouble... But truth to tell, these guys were s&*% magnets from word one. Quote2.png
Dominic Fortune

Appearing in "Dominic Fortune, Part 2"

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  • Daisy (Prostitute)




Synopsis for "Dominic Fortune, Part 2"

After an attempt on his life in Los Angeles, Fortune takes the three drunken movie stars that he has been tasked with babysitting to New York City. His reasoning was that if he took them out of familiar surroundings that they would have no choice but to act better, but this was only wishful thinking. After stops to the race track, a boxing match, dinner and Sammy's Bowery Follies, Fortune has enough and calls in a favor from a Sergeant Brody o"Byrne of the NYPD. He has the intoxicated stars loaded into the back of a police van and drives them to New Jersey where they barely catch a zeppelin bound for Berlin and the 1936 Olympic Games. The sergeant also tips off Fortune that he is being watched by Malcolm Upshaw's men.

On board the zeppelin, Fortune again encounters Delatriz Betancourt whom he introduces to his inebriated associates. Once they are ready to pass out, Fortune essentially throws them into their rooms before meeting Betancourt in her room. After some flirting, the two go to bed together and Fortune notices the same crucifix around her neck that his would-be murderers in L.A. wore on their lapels. He also remembered having seen Malcolm Upshaw wearing one as well.

Back in the U.S., an army wearing the same crucifixes on their uniforms prepare for an upcoming war said to occur in three weeks.

Fortune's three charges are in their glee when he tells him that he has private business to attend to that night, no doubt hoping to go carousing on the streets of Berlin. To prevent this, Fortune gets the men drunk and handcuffs them to their beds while they were passed out before getting into uniform and going to meet a German contact. The contact, however, had been paid off by Upshaw and attempted to kill him, getting himself killed in the process.

Upshaw is disgusted when he finds out about Betancourt's tryst with Fortune aboard the zeppelin, though she sees no problem with it, assuming that he would have been killed by the Germans now anyway.

Solicit Synopsis

“THE ‘IT CAN HAPPEN HERE, AND NOW’ RESOLUTION!” PART 2 New York City isn’t ready for Jock Madison, Vaughn Robillard and P.T. Oakley, three hard drinking Hollywood hotshots looking for trouble in the Big Apple—and Dominic Fortune has his hands so full babysitting these three disorderly drunks as they carouse at the track, the fights and every nightclub in town, he can’t pour them on a Berlin bound zeppelin fast enough. Once they’re airborne, Fortune has an intimate reunion with the sensually wickedly Delatriz Betancourt, while her partner in crime Malcolm Upshaw puts a price on our hero’s head on the sinister streets of Berlin…and all the while, the clock keeps ticking on their conspiracy to bring the U.S. government to its knees.

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