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Quote1.png So if we assume you drunken @$$holes are telling me the truth... Someone's trying to slip several million dollars into the States... Under the noses of the State Department and the FBI. Quote2.png
Dominic Fortune

Appearing in "Dominic Fortune, Part 3"

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Synopsis for "Dominic Fortune, Part 3"

Dominic Fortune continues to babysit three drunken Hollywood actors while they take in the Summer Olympics taking place in Berlin, Germany. He leaves the men at the games in order to meet his contact, making the men promise that they will be on their best behavior. His Jewish contact gives Fortune an address and tells him that he'll find the answers he is looking for there.

Back in America, Shaughnessy's men are ready and will soon be in position in Washington D.C.

That night at Klub Kockeye, Fortune gets a tip to check the luggage of the three stars with which he was travelling. After sneaking into the men's rooms while they were passed out, Fortune finds bearer bonds worth million of dollars in each of their bags. The men claim to have no knowledge of the bonds, leading Fortune to believe that someone else was trying to slip the money into the United States without the State Department of FBI's knowledge.

Upshaw and Betancourt are seen discussing the bearer bonds with the representative of a foreign government who is said to have invested heavily in Upshaw's scheme. The duo reassure the man that the money will be in New York in just a few days.

Fortune figures out where the bonds were created, ironically in the Jewish ghetto of Berlin, and proceeds there to continue his investigation. Due to what he finds, Fortune doesn't pay attention as he leaves the building, drawing the attention of SS guards patrolling the ghetto. When the men ask to see his papers, Fortune attacks, killing the guards. He then meets up with a Jewish contact to whom he gives the real bonds worth millions of dollars. The next day, Fortune traveled to the American embassy in Berlin, explaining as much of the plot as he was aware of to the ambassador, who promises to take care of the matter. After Fortune leaves, however, the Ambassador calls Upshaw, as he is a member of the conspiracy, and warns of Fortune's threat to their plans.

Solicit Synopsis

“THE ‘IT CAN HAPPEN HERE, AND NOW’ RESOLUTION!” PART 3 The 1936 Berlin Olympics had its highs and lows—from Jesse Owens gold medals to Hitler addressing the crowd of faithful followers and skeptical international visitors—but it’s Dominic Fortune’s action behind the scenes around town that are the real newsmakers. Between babysitting his out of control trio of Hollywood hotshots, run-ins with the Gestapo, to uncovering the truth about the homegrown roots of an international conspiracy to overthrow the United States government and replace it with a fascist dictatorship, Fortune’s got more than he can handle…and the night is young.

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