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Quote1.png I had to respect Upshaw for his ambition and his gall... And to be flattered that he thought I was a problem worth eliminating... But all that notwithstanding... I had to get to Washington... And fast. Quote2.png
Dominic Fortune

Appearing in "Dominic Fortune, Part 4"

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Synopsis for "Dominic Fortune, Part 4"

Upon returning to New York City with his three drunken charges, he drops them off at the most notorious cathouse in the city to keep them out of trouble. He then went to the Federal Building where he related the same story that he had told the American ambassador in Berlin. The ambassador, however, turned out to be an accomplice of Malcolm Upshaw and never told anyone Fortune's story. Fortune is politely told to leave before he is thrown in jail. As he is leaving, he is approached by two men claiming to be government agents but Fortune sees through their disguises, beating them down and learning of Upshaw's plan to attack the White House during the Columbus Day Parade.

Fortune steals a seaplane from the downtown skyport and heads towards Washington. He arrives at the White House just as the plane runs out of fuel, chopping Upshaw's attacking men to bits as he crash-lands. Upshaw takes Eleanor Roosevelt hostage when Fortune comes crashing through the president's window. He kicks FDR's wheelchair at Upshaw, taking him off guard, and then knocks him unconscious. FDR thanks Fortune for his help, saying that he may have saved the country.

Two weeks later, Fortune finds himself back in Hollywood and hooking up with Hazel Fontaine.

Solicit Synopsis

Hitler’s Olympics are history. Hollywood troubleshooter Dominic Fortune, babysitting his three out of control Hollywood troublemakers, returns to the United States, hot on the heels of an international criminal conspiracy concocted by Malcolm Upshaw and Delatriz Betancourt, to use an illegal private army to kidnap the president, and replace the U.S. government with a fascist military dictatorship. The future of the USA hangs in the balance, as Fortune is all that stands between order and chaos, law and mob rule, freedom and tyranny —in a high speed, bullet-riddled climax that races from the streets of New York, to the skies over Washington, DC to gunplay in the Oval Office.

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