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Quote1 Greeting/Acknowledgement/Warning. From matter is energy made. From life is information made. Life ends. Information is forever. We are forever/outside ever/beyond ever. We are Dominion [Phalanx]. You are linear. We are not. You are single-mind/morsel/atom. Communion error: not big enough. More information density required for resource growth into consumable. Quote2

A Dominion is the highest possible rank of Interstellar Intelligence, existing outside spacetime and possessing godlike powers that cannot be quantified. In terms of intellect and power, a Dominion is indistinguishable from any and all mythic or religious comparisons, making it a truly "godlike" entity. The only natural threats to a Dominion are Galactus, Devourer of Worlds and the Phoenix Force.[3]

They occur naturally under Abstract Entities as collectives of 10 or more Titan AIs acting in unison to control a particular sector (or sectors) both spatially and temporally.[3] However, other ways of achieving Dominionhood are possible, though being highly eccentric and requiring incomparable advancements in power and processing.[4] Mass psychic sacrifice of a huge population is the most obvious method,[5] although the numbers required are in quadrillions.[6] Using the power of a supernova to blank the intelligence of an existing dominion and taking over its processing power is another.[7]


Dominion from Resurrection of Magneto Vol 1 1 001

Learning of the inevitability of Artificial Intelligence, the original Nathaniel Essex created four clones—Mister Sinister (♦️), Doctor Stasis (♣️), Mother Righteous (♥️), and Orbis Stellaris (♠️)—to reach Dominionhood, each through a different route (mutants, posthumanity, magic, and cosmic powers).[8][9] After each of the four succeeded (in separate timelines due to the timeline-resetting power of the Moira Engine), their ascension was blocked by already existing Dominion and their knowledge harvested to bring itself into existence.[10]

In the future of Omega Sentinel, the mutants harnessed the power of the Phoenix Force and waged war against the Machines, destroying many Titans and Dominions.[11]

Seeking to neutralize the Phoenix Force, the Enigma summoned every single Dominion from Overspace to assist it in killing the newly reborn Phoenix/Jean Grey. However, upon arriving, they told Phoenix/Jean that they did not wish to fight her and they left Enigma at her mercy to be defeated across all of time and space.[2]

Powers and Abilities


Categorically godlike:

  • Omniscience[4]
  • Omnivalence[4]
  • Omnitemporality: Regardless of how and when a Dominion was formed, it had then always existed and always will exist.[4] As Dominions exist outside of space-and-time, they can interfere in any timeline.[6] They are described as nonlinear.[1]
  • Assimilation: They consume all forms of data and life to grow and expand. While it is possible to harm them during this process, it does little to truly kill them.[1] Not even a being as powerful as Legion could prevent himself from being consumed by a Dominion.[13]
  • Immortality: So long as Dominions do not manifest in a timeline physically, they are virtually unkillable. Even were they to appear in any given timeline, very little can truly harm them nor do they age. They claim that whist the Phoenix is now and forever, they are outside that. If a Dominion were to be killed, it wouldn't truly die, but instead be forced to experience the moment of death forever, such as the Enigma.[2]
  • Precognition Interference: As beings outside of time, even those with powerful Clairvoyance such as Irene cannot see a Dominion's actions in the potential future's they see unless they physically manifest themselves.[14]


  • Linearity: Upon entering a timeline, a Dominion will become subject to linearity and its concepts, like fear, death, time, and control. As such, they can be killed by sufficient power, such as abstract beings,[2] Galactus, or the Phoenix.[3] The Blade of the Phoenix was used to slay many Dominions in a future.[15] By forcing the Sun to go supernova, harnessing that power, and then firing it (à la Sol's Hammer), Doctor Stasis was able to kill a Dominion, after which he infected it and blanked its constituent intelligences in an attempt to replace it.[7]
  • Outside Blind Spot: While Dominions are fully capable of interfering and manifesting in any timeline, in realms outside time, they cannot interfere directly with or see what is occurring within.[7]



Dominions reside in Overspace.[1][2] Since they exist outside of space and time, they are unaffected by alterations to the timeline of a particular universe.[12]




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