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Synopsis for "Rise and Fall"

In a secret underground facility, Henry Peter Gyrich pays a visit to the captive Milo Thurman, who is playing with dominoes and reading Dante. Thurman warns him that all empires eventually fall, but Gyrich orders him to use his powers to discover shifts in paranormal balance, or else be executed. After Gyrich leaves, Thurman is approached by Lady Deathstrike.

In Brazil, a bikini-clad Domino is enjoying some relaxation during Carnival, but is soon attacked in a side alley by the cybernetically enhanced dwarf Pico, whom she quickly subdues. Just then she is approached by an old friend, Puck. He calls her Neena, but she says she goes by Beatrice now. Puck tells her about Milo Thurman being imprisoned, and Domino resolves to break him out, confessing that Thurman is a former lover.

Elsewhere, Gyrich discovers that Thurman is missing from his cell. Later, Domino breaks into the facility to free Thurman, neutralizing several guards and destroying two Mandroids. Once inside, she is shocked to find dead bodies everywhere. Hoping to find Thurman, Domino instead finds him missing and runs into Lady Deathstrike instead, who vows to kill her.

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