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Synopsis for "Death be a Lady Tonight!"

Lady Deathstrike leaps to attack Domino, who blasts her repeatedly with little effect. Domino pulls out two thermite grenades; Deathstrike bats them away, but thanks to Domino’s luck powers, they ricochet right back and explode at Deathstrike’s feet, knocking Domino free from her grip and leaving a crater in the ground. Hoping Thurman is still alive, Domino picks up his abandoned copy of Dante and rushes out of the room.

She flashes back to when she first met him, when she was employed as security in this same facility. Thurman was held there because of his ability to see trends in the past and thus predict future events. He calls her Beatrice, and also Domino, and though she doesn’t like him at first, eventually the two fall in love.

Elsewhere, in a secret Canadian Weapon X facility, Donald Pierce and Skullbuster oversee the effort to turn the kidnapped Milo Thurman into a cyborg.

Domino sets a device to blow up the whole facility where Thurman had been kept, and she regrets not coming back sooner to rescue him. Suddenly Lady Deathstrike attacks her again, having survived the previous explosion in a stripped-down cybernetic form. They battle, with Lady Deathstrike getting the upper hand, and both are seemingly caught in the explosion. In fact, however, to her own surprise, Domino wakes up in the Canadian Weapon X bunker, in the presence of Donald Pierce.

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