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Domino is horrified to see that Pierce is turning Milo Thurman into a cyborg; he says that Domino herself will be next. Once Thurman’s mind has been extracted from its mortal form, Pierce plans to use his predictive powers for his own purposes. Domino tries to fight him but is immediately overpowered. Pierce also recounts how he survived his apparent demise at the hands of Trevor Fitzroy and the Sentinel attack in Uncanny X-Men #281. As Milo wakes up and sees Domino and cries out for her, Pierce orders Lady Deathstrike (now in her regular form again) Skullbuster to take her to the chamber where she will be turned into a cyborg.

Milo reflects on the last time he saw Domino; when the government facility where he was housed was attacked by AIM agents hoping to kidnap him. Domino fought them off but instead of running away as she ordered, he stayed to watch her fight, and (so he believd) watched her die in an explosion.

Domino is put into a chamber where she is suspended above an acid bath, but her harness fortuitously malfunctions, allowing her to free herself. When Deathstrike and Skullbuster rush into the room to find her, she kicks them both into the acid. Arming himself with hi-tech blasters, she finds Pierce and blasts him. With over half his memories already downloaded and wiped from his physical body. Thurman says it’s too late to free him, and Domino reluctantly agrees. She sets another bomb and prepares to destroy the facility, thinking of Thurman and Cable, the two men in her life that she has loved. Pierce recovers and plugs his mind back into the mainframe, allowing him to survive the huge explosion that follows.

Back in Brazil, Domino finishes her Carnaval vacation, but now reads from Dante’s Inferno instead of partying. Puck appears and offers her comfort for losing Thurman.

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