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-- Domino

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Synopsis for "Perfect Weapon (Part 2)"

Domino goes to the home of the computer hacker she had hired to track down her mother – the same hacker who only days ago lost his life at the hands of an assassin's bullet. Now, Domino scours his room looking for clues leading to the perpetrators of this mystery. She finds a hidden backup CD containing all of the hacker's confiscated computer data.

Suddenly a group of robed men armed with swords known as the Armajesuits burst into the room and attacks her. Domino avoids their blades and back-flips out the window. She has no idea who these strange men are or why they had attacked her to begin with.

Later, she meets up with Jonathan Shepherd at the Georgia Marquee Hotel in downtown Atlanta. Jonathan asks her if she found anything of value from the hacker. She tells him of the information concerning her mother, but neglects to mention the backup disk that she stole from his apartment. Jonathan wants Domino to undertake a mission in Mogadishu, Somalia, but Domino insists on tracking the leads on her mother instead.

After Jonathan leaves the hotel room, Domino begins inspecting the hacker's data disk. She finds information concerning a secret weapons manufacturing operation known as Project Armageddon. She theorizes that her mother is an undercover government agent who is somehow intricately tied to the project. Moments later, Domnino discovers that Jonathan placed miniature spy cameras throughout her room.

Jonathan arrives inside of a darkened room and establishes contact with a network of powerful contacts. He intends on using Domino to get Project Armageddon, which he will then turn and sell to the highest bidder. Suddenly, the same Armajesuits that fought with Domino earlier appear in the room and attack Jonathan. Jonathan puts up a valiant struggle despite his physical handicap, but ultimately he has little choice but to resort to extreme measures. He withdraws a detonation device from his jacket and activates it, destroying the room, his attackers and himself in one giant explosion.


  • Plot by Pruett and Stelfreeze, script by Pruett.
  • The robed assassins will not be referred to by name as the Armajesuits until issue #3.


  • This issue contains a cameo appearance by Cable. Cable and Domino were teammates together back when they were members of both Six Pack and X-Force.

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