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Appearing in "Perfect Weapon (Part 3)"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Armajesuits

Other Characters:

  • Beatrice
  • Lazarus (First appearance)
  • Project Armageddon
    • The General
    • Wakeman
    • Charlie
    • Tolbert
    • Barrymore (soldier)
    • Doctor McKay (mortician)
    • Peterson
  • Stan (Death)
  • Theresa
  • Willis

Races and Species:




Synopsis for "Perfect Weapon (Part 3)"

Domino visits the grave of her former colleague, Jonathan Shepherd. After placing a flower on his coffin, she receives a call from one of her contacts, an Irish woman named Theresa. Theresa has performed a background check on Jonathan and informs Domino that prior to his fatal encounter with the Armajesuits, he had planned to sell the Project Armageddon information to a foreign power.

Domino decides to pursue Project Armageddon herself, hopefully avenging Jonathan's death, and unveiling the mystery concerning her mother in one fell swoop. With Theresa's aid, she learns that the project is located in a secret military facility in the Florida Everglades.

Meanwhile, the High Lord of the Armajesuits has learned the location of Project Armageddon as well. The High Lord sends a team of assassins to the military compound to steal the weapon.

Domino arrives in the Everglades, but a strike team intercepts her and blows up her boat. They take her body back to the compound, where a mortician named Dr. McKay is instructed to perform an autopsy on her. Domino is not dead however, and escapes from the lab after shooting McKay with a tranquilizer dart.

While Domino sneaks around the interior of the compound, the Armajesuits arrive and storm the front gates. The soldiers concentrate their efforts on the robed assassins, leaving Domino time to find the secret vault containing the weapon. After bypassing a laser-grid security system, she enters the Armageddon chamber only to discover that this highly coveted weapon is nothing more than a young boy. Ironically, this boy has pale skin and facial markings similar to that of Domino.


  • Plot by Pruett and Stelfreeze, script by Pruett.
  • Behind the scenes appearance by Jonathan Shepherd (gravestone).
  • The Armajesuits are referenced by name for the first time in this issue.


  • Two of the characters seen in this series are named Shepherd and McKay. These are also the names of two of the primary characters from the Sci-Fi Channel original series, Stargate: Atlantis. As this title was published prior to the pilot episode of Stargate: Atlantis, the use of these common names is purely coincidental.

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