Domitian was an alien from unnamed alien race who was the last surviving member of his planets Imperial Court. He had his cyborg, Zakiaus collected the Life-Force Runes from millions of people which he uses to grant himself youth and immense power. He sent Zakaius to collect the Runes from Firelord and the Infinity Watch. However Zakaius turned on Domitian when he saw the good the Infinity Watch did and began to question whether all his victims had been sinners. Domitian then attacked the Watch and easily overpowered them, but was stopped by Pip when he destroyed the machine that transferred the energy of the Runes to him. Domitian reverted to an old man and the Watch left him in the care of a reformed Zakaius. His current whereabouts and fate are unknown.[1]


Domitian had a massive army of cyborgs

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