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Domo is an Eternal and the administrator of affairs on Olympia. He answered directly to the elder Eternal Zuras and dispensed Zuras' commands to the other Eternals.[1] As of now, he serves the current Prime Eternal, Druig

After the Mad Titan Thanos became the new Prime Eternal, Domo agreed to fully connect Thanos to the Machine so he could be resurrect and repair his damaged body as well as remove the fail-safe Phastos placed in him. However, Domo failed to fully integrate Thanos and told Thanos the truth out of fear of lying to him and stated that he believed that only Phastos could do something about the fail-safe if they were make any progress. Thanos decided to make Domo his prime adviser on matters of science, but he also killed Domo anyway for failing him. Thanos then asked the Machine to move Domo's resurrection to the front of the lines.[2]



Like all Eternals, Domo is effectively immortal and cannot be killed through conventional means.




  • Domo is an analog of the DC Comics character Metron, also created by Jack Kirby.

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