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Don Caldwell

Several years prior to the start of World War II, Don Caldwell traveled to South America and got an education in Buenos Aires, learning all he could about South American culture. He was greatly interested in the legendary hero known as El Gaucho. Following his graduation from college, he was approached by an old man who asked him if he would like to see the uniform once worn by El Gaucho. Intrigued, Caldwell accepted the invitation. The old man offered him to take the costume and fight tyranny as El Gaucho. Caldwell agreed to do so, and the following day, the statue of El Gaucho disappeared from the courtyard it stood since the original El Gaucho disappeared, as per the legend it would herald the return of the hero.

Caldwell clashed with Nazi forces that were active in South America at the time and learned of Baron Girbel's attempt to smuggle Nazi spies into the United States via a passenger ship travelling to New York City. Travelling aboard the ship, El Gaucho stopped the Nazis from taking over the ship and turned them over to the port authority upon the ship's arrival to the Untied States.[1]

El Gaucho's subsequent activities are unknown.




The American Avenger is a very gifted hand-to-hand combatant and possesses great skill with a lariat, in addition to being a fine horseman.



Taskmaster admires his ability in combat and the things he was able to do with the lariat.[2]

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