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Don Jose Del Iturbide

The gunslinging hero known as the Black Sombrero was active during the days of the American Frontier. He was really Don Jose Del Iturbide, but his origins and background are mostly unknown. He lived in an undisclosed town in Mexico with his sister Helena. One day he witnessed a rodeo where he saw the outlaw hero Kid Colt best local outlaw El Jaguar. Later when El Jaguar captured Kid Colt and was about to execute him, the Black Sombrero came to the American's aid. After freeing Kid Colt, the two gun downed El Jaguar and his men. The Black Sombrero then revealed his secret identity to Kid Colt and brought him back to town to meet his sister. After a few more days in Mexico with the Iturbide's, Kid Colt then returned to the United States.[1]

The subsequent activities of the Black Sombrero are unknown.


Can speak both fluent English and Spanish


The Black Sombrero carried two six-guns.

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