The man who was known as the Red Terror was a criminal who operated briefly during the early 1940's, a time where costumed villainy was in its infancy and the heroes of the day were less altruistic about killing their opponents. Case in point, the Red Terror set up a secret hideout rigged with various traps and outfitted his gang with a high-speed zeppelin that could hover in the air and fly at super-speeds. All this could not prevent his first and only caper from ending in a fatal disaster.

Derailing a train, he and his gang looted the trapped passenger and crew. Their only opposition came from the recently empowered hero known as the Human Top. The Top forced the Red Terror to flee the scene of the crime. The hero only briefly detained saving the trapped passengers, followed the Red Terror back to his hideout. There, all of the Terror's traps and weapons failed to stop the hero. With no other options, the Red Terror and his men attempted to flee in their zeppelin again, but the Top destroyed the ship, sending the Terror and his cronies falling to their deaths.[2]


The Red Terror traveled in a zeppelin that was designed to hover over an area and could fly at incredible speeds.


The Red Terror's hideout was outfitted with metal barrier doors, spiked walls, trained lions, and other traps. He had a full arsenal which included pistols, explosives, and flame throwers.

Real name revealed in Marvel Mystery Handbook 70th Anniversary Special #1

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