Don Scarpone was a Skrull and ruler of Kral X, a small outpost in the Kral System. The Kral System represented a peculiar portion of the Skrull Empire, a group of planets dedicated solely to the recreation of Earth's culture and media, particularly old-time gangster movies.

One of Scarpone's sons, who had become his second-in-command and consigliere, became entranced by a 50-year-old series called the Ritchie Redwood Show which depicted the life of a suburban group of friends. Through persuasion and force, he converted Kral X to "Redwoodism." Two of the people Scarpone's sons converted where the Super-Skrulls assigned to Kral X, which gave them the firepower necessary to overthrow the forces of Don Scarpone and his followers. Scarpone's sons refashioned the planet into a recreation of Glenbrook, the town where the Ritchie Redwood Show took place, and adopted the roles of Ritchie Redwood and Bugface Brown. Meanwhile, Don Scarpone and those loyal to him were forced into exile to another planet.[1]

  • Don Scarpone appears to have adopted an alias which is a portmanteau of Al Capone's name as well as his alias of "Scarface."

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