For full origins and story of Donald Birch, please see Donald Birch (Earth-616) from the beginning to the second paragraph of Iron Age: Alpha & Omega

Fired from Stark Industries and seeing Stark's success as an insult for his job stolen from him, Donald Birch managed, from his underwater Hydra base, to assemble an army of robots, and to reassemble Doctor Doom's Time Platform.

He also had a look on Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Captain Britain, Giant-Man, the Human Torch, Cyclops, Dazzler, knowing that they were somehow troubling his plans.

He used it to bring the Dark Phoenix back to his era, also kidnapped Stark, and made the Phoenix consume all life, viewing it as having his perfect vengeance on Tony. He dedicated his plan to him, seeing Stark as the creator of his ruined life.[2]


Seemingly those of the Donald Birch of Earth-616.

As this Donald Birch diverged from his mainstream counterpart for only a few minutes, his life is presumed to be the same, assuming the divergence truly started in Iron Age: Alpha #1.

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