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Quote1 You... You have never faced anything like him, Thor... He is the dragon now. And yet... he is so much more... He will take... everything... Everything... you have ever... loved... will burn. Quote2
Midgard Serpent[src]


Host to Thor[]

Dr. Donald Blake was a human host created by Odin to be the host for his son Thor during his exile on Earth.[7]

Odin decided that it was time Thor learned humility after growing tired of Thor's insolent behavior on Asgard. Odin had Thor surrender his hammer to him, and then sent him to Earth in the mortal guise of a crippled young Harvard University medical student named Donald Blake, stripped of his memory of his true identity. As Blake, Thor learned the value of humble perseverance in dealing with his injured leg, and he came to care for the sick and dying, first as a medical student, and later as a successful physician. After leaving medical school, Blake opened a private practice in New York, and quickly gained renown as a great surgeon.[7]

After Thor had spent ten years in the role of Blake, Odin planted within Blake's mind the suggestion to take a vacation in Norway. There, Blake encountered a party of alien Kronans, also known as the Stone Men from Saturn. Blake fled from the Kronans into a cavern, the very same one that had served as Thor's birthplace millennia ago, where Odin had left Thor's hammer in the enchanted form of a wooden cane. Trapped in the cavern by a great boulder, Blake struck the boulder with the cane in frustrated anger, and was transformed back into his true godly form of Thor. As Thor, he escaped the cavern and drove off the Kronans.[6]

At first Thor still had no memory of his past life as an Asgardian god, although as months passed, more of his memories returned. Finally, a few years later, Odin revealed to him the false nature of the Blake identity and the reason for it.[7]

Thor maintained his Blake identity on Earth and continued his medical practice. Part of his affinity for Earth was his subconscious realization that his maternal heritage was on this world. The other part was simply his love for humanity and his need to experience those things that only mortals could know. Thor came to divide his time between Earth and Asgard.

For years, Thor was in love with Jane Foster, who worked as a nurse for Blake. Odin disapproved of Thor's love for this mortal, but eventually the romance between Thor and Foster came to an end, and Thor renewed his past relationship with Lady Sif. Thor was a founding member of the team of superhuman champions known as the Avengers, and continued to serve with the team from time to time.

Thor eventually gave up his identity as Donald Blake. With the aid of Nick Fury, Public Director of S.H.I.E.L.D., Thor adopted a new "secret identity", that of construction worker, Sigurd Jarlson.[8]

The Real Donald Blake[]

After battling the Animen alongside the Godpack and the High Evolutionary, Thor discovered a hidden cave within Mount Wundagore. [9] Inside he discovered what appeared to be a familiar cave in Norway with Donald Blake inside, frozen in the moment where he first struck the walking stick against the rock transforming into Thor. Upon Thor striking the rock with Mjolnir, Blake wakes up, clueless about the world beyond the moment in time he was frozen in years ago.

Confused, believing himself to still be in Norway, Thor takes Donald to Jane Foster and her son, who reveals to Blake alongside Thor that years have passed and that Thor had assumed his identity for many years before deciding to remain as Thor without an alter ego. This makes angers Blake, believing Thor to have stolen his life, after the battle is over, Thor flies Blake back to Manhattan, where Blake discovers his brick and mortar medical practice has been replaced by a new business with glass windows. He asks Thor to leave him and walks off. [10]

Donald Blake would then have his spirit used by Hela to power the Destroyer armor which required a mortal will to control it, however he shared the armor with the spirit of Garm which overpowered him for control. Once Thor found Blake’s unconscious body his spirit woke up, enraged by his manipulation by Odin and now Garm, he fought back and weakened the armor, allowing for Thor and Thunderstrike to finish it off. Waking up, he reveals he still despises Thor and Odin for what they did, Thor then vows to gain answers from Odin after repairing Mjolnir after it had been split in half during a previous fight. [11]

Thor returns to Asgard and questions Odin about the truth. Odin refuses and reveals he has replaced Thor with the resurrected Red Norvell who once again has the power of Thor as well as a new Uru hammer. After their battle begins to tear Asgard apart, Odin decides to tell Thor the truth. [12]

Years before Thor was exiled to Earth, Odin was given a prophecy by Volla, that Thor would die if he remained on Asgard, long before Ragnarok came to pass. So Odin travelled to Midgard where he found a family preparing to send their son off to medical school, a son that had a cane because he developed a limp after a childhood accident, Donald Blake.

Odin decided he would bond Thor to Blake, who would then complete his time at medical school, eventually becoming an intern and then a surgeon. Odin noticed Blake had begun to develop a relationship with another doctor, Jane Foster. Worried that this would affect Thor and cause him to fall in love with a mortal woman, Odin decided to manipulate Blake and make him leave on a trip to Norway.

While on his trip, Blake found himself being attacked by a group of Kronans from Saturn, chased into a cave with the entrance closed he ventured further inside. Odin had placed Mjolnir on a rock in the center of the cave out of the despair of seeing it hanging on a wall while Thor was still practicing medicine as Donald Blake, transforming it to appear as a gnarled cane.

Blake’s cane was broken as he travelled through the cave, eventually coming across the stick, after striking a boulder blocking the only exit, he swapped places with Thor, who was able to escape the cave. However, the real Donald Blake’s body was taken by Odin.

Odin, seeing these events unfold, transported Blake to Mount Wundagore, a place he had once used for his own purposes but he discovered that a large section of the mountain had been hollowed out and inhabited by the High Evolutionary. Odin warned the High Evolutionary in a dream to stay out of a certain area of the mountain, where Odin then reconstructed the cave from Norway, freezing Blake’s body in place once again in front of the boulder.

When Thor later returned to the form of Blake, he created a new construct that slowly began to grow and change to take on more of Thor’s own attributes. Odin then reveals that it was he who manipulated Jane Foster after she returned to Midgard following Thor’s failed attempt to turn her into an Asgardian and sent her to the office of Dr. Keith Kincaid. He then was able to reintroduce Thor to Lady Sif and was fortunate that they grew feelings for each other. [13]

Thor then decides to travel to Avenger’s mansion, using the telephone there to find and call Donald Blake, persuading him to meet. Thor discovers Donald Blake had a bank account he wasn’t aware of and had paid to rent an apartment in the South Bronx. Upon meeting, Blake reveals he is unable to reopen his medical practice and asks Thor to help him win back Jane Foster, Thor tells him he is unable to help and then leaves.

After Thor leaves the building, it begins to shake violently as a crack opens up beneath the ground as Donald Blake falls inside. Thor realizes the attack was meant for him and turns back realizing that this was the work of the lava beings and their living rock. He discovers they are being controlled by Grotesk.

Grotesk takes Donald Blake as a hostage and Thor is restrained by the lava beings until the Godpack arrives and frees him. After defeating Grotesk, Thor offers to take Blake back to Wundagore since his apartment was destroyed. [14]

They arrive back at Wundagore to find the place under attack. Donald Blake manages to run over and aid the High Evolutionary and they are both then saved from an attacker by Thor. Once the battle is over, Blake remarks that the only way to re-establish himself in the medical community is to stay at Wundagore and perform research on the Godpack.

Blake and Thor accompany the High Evolutionary and the Godpack aboard Wundagore 2 to track down the remaining New Immortals. Jane Foster follows Donald Blake on board saying she felt she had to be by his side. Later on board the two share a kiss but their moment is cut short when Donald collapses, claiming he feels the same pain he felt when he first transformed into Thor.

Thor rushes over as Jane reveals Blake’s pulse is weakening, Thor offers Blake his hand and begins to let his power be absorbed, eventually there is a flash of light and Thor completely disappears with Blake unable to figure out where he went as the New Immortals attack the ship.

As Jane pleads with Donald to let Thor out, Thor trapped within Blake begins to feel himself being freed. Eventually Blake decides Thor must be freed and is suddenly replaced with Thor himself who proclaims the Donald Blake construct is no more. [15]

Armor and the Man-God[]

Thor travels to Loki’s castle in search of answers for what happened to the real Donald Blake, starting a fight against a Loki now clad in shiny green armor.

Earlier, Thor returned to the cave inside Mount Wundagore where Odin had taken the body of the real Donald Blake, accompanied by Riger and Blitziana of the Godpack, the former of which was able to find a wedding band that Thor identified as Loki’s.

Thor and Blitziana then travelled to the home of Loki, where they are greeted by his wife Sigyn who asks them to leave. As the fight with Loki nears its end, Red Norvell arrives alongside Lady Sif, having been called by Sigyn via dove at the fight’s opening. Thor then knocks off the helmet to reveal that the armor was empty, being controlled by Loki’s disembodied spirit, revealing that Loki’s body was destroyed in the events that took him to Mephisto’s realm.

Thor then asks Loki what he knows about Donald Blake’s body to which Loki responds he does not know. Then Sigyn reveals that she knows what happened. She reveals the wedding band they found was hers. At the time Thor was reawakened, Loki had been imprisoned in a tree and out of spite for Odin, Sigyn followed him to the cave where he had taken Donald Blake’s body, she decided to destroy the human shell Odin had created and blasted it with her magic but because of the strength of Odin’s own defensive magic it created an explosion that obliterated Donald Blake’s body. To protect herself and Loki she decided to cover up her mistake and created a doppelgänger construct of Donald Blake that shared the original’s thoughts and believed they were Donald Blake. Thor can’t bring himself to punish Sigyn and decides to leave, accompanied by Sif and Blitziana. [16]

After Ragnarok[]

Some time after the apparent end of the Ragnarok cycle, Donald Blake resurfaced as the sole remains and, through him, Thor was reborn,[17] the two once again sharing a body, though now they would converse when the other was in control.

Shattered Heroes[]

After Thor's death at the hands of the Serpent, Donald Blake somehow became a separate entity from Thor. When the Odinson returned to life, Blake was distressed to discover that his life had never happened.

Later, he asked Enchantress to help him gain his divine power back. She managed to give him a Golden Apple of Idunn, to which he reacted violently. Enchantress used this opportunity to decapitate Blake and, through her magic, give life to a construct god she named "the Keep".[18]

Donald Blake (Earth-616) and Mares from Mighty Thor Vol 2 17 001

Blake's happily ever after

When they arrived in Asgardia, Thor was already waiting for them. Blake's head confronted him and after Thor understood and dispatched the Keep, Blake was given a new life within a dream crafted by the Mares.[19]

Shadow of Thunder[]

While conversing with his brother, Thor revealed to him that Blake was currently residing in a dreamscape hidden underneath the World Tree, one that appears as an idyllic neighbourhood. As Thor hasn't swapped places in some time, Blake had been blissfully unaware as years went by, but the isolation had a negative effect on his psyche.

While Blake was wandering through his neighborhood, oblivious to everything that happened during his absence, the Midgard Serpent arrived and revealed the truth about his fake life, in an attempt to make Blake his pawn against Thor. Gifting him some of his power, the Midgard Serpent proposed they work together, but instead however, Blake attacked the serpent and took his power for himself, which combined with what Odinforce he possessed for himself.[20]

After realizing that his life was nothing but a simulacrum, Blake begged for Thor to help him. However, when Thor never responded, Blake was disillusioned by the god of thunder and went mad, killing the simulations of people within his dreamscape, including the Midgard Serpent. When Thor swapped places with Blake in an attempt to fix Mjolnir, Blake was finally free of his false life. Blake then faced off against Loki, easily defeating him, while stating that he would never be Thor ever again, breaking the cane he used to switch into Thor.[21] Blake then went on to defeat Sif, Beta Ray Bill, the Warriors Three, and many Asgardian soldiers and banished them to the Dimension Blood with Hofund. Afterwards, he pledged to kill all who had carried the mantle of Thor,[20] starting with Roger "Red" Norvell by mutilating him, before proceeding to attack Throg.[22]

Donald Blake (Earth-616) from Thor Vol 6 9 001

Throg was aided in his fight against Blake by the Inhuman dog Lockjaw and were able to defeat Blake. Throg and Lockjaw then took Blake to the Sanctum Sanctorum to be interrogated by Doctor Strange. However, Blake regained consciousness and easily overpowered Strange, stealing the Asgardian power Strange used to fight Loki when he took the title of Sorcerer Supreme from him. Blake also discovered where Strange got that power: Yggdrasil. After defeating Strange, Throg, and Lockjaw, Blake went to Yggdrasil and began cutting it down with Jarnbjorn to absorb its lifeblood.[23]

Donald Blake (Earth-616) and Serpent (Symbiote) (Earth-616) from Thor Vol 6 28 001

Bonding to the Serpent Symbiote

Blake was eventually confronted by those from Asgard he had banished after they were freed by Doctor Strange as well as Odin after he was told by Valkyrie of his action. Things got worse for Blake when Thor arrived with his spirit piloting the Destroyer Armor.[4] After Donald was defeated, Thor decided to spare his life. Asking Loki what to do, Loki decided to make Donald the new God of Lies, chaining him beneath Asgard with a giant serpent dripping venom into his eyes.[3] Undergoing the punishment of the God of Lies over the course of several months, Blake was bonded to a symbiote infused with Promethium and reborn as the Serpent, swearing revenge against Thor, Loki, and all of Asgard.[5]



Odin-Force: As a construct of Odin, Donald contains the Odinforce, and when it interacted with Jormungand's own power, it became amplified and corrupted, resulting in a range of new abilities:[20]

  • Superhuman Strength: Don has gained enough strength to take on Asgard's forces, seriously wound the World Serpent, defeat Loki, the Warriors Three and Sif effortlessly.[20]
  • Asgardian Magic: Able to operate the Bifrost to send the Asgardians realms away using Hofund, as well as remove Beta Ray Bill's worthiness and power.
    • Asgardian Magic Absorption: He is capable of absorbing "Odin-magic" from a variety of sources to enhance his own powers, including the Midgard Serpent,[21] Beta Ray Bill's enchantments,[20] the powers of various Thors,[22] and Asgardian magic used by Doctor Strange before trying to take it directly from the lifeblood of Yggdrasill itself.[23]
  • Superhuman Durability: Blake was able to withstand Throg's lightning attacks with little issue and became resistant to blows from an enraged Thor.[22]


  • Advanced Medical Knowledge: He is considered to be one of the best doctors and surgeons in the United States, able to perform advanced surgeries and dismantle bodies with limited effort.[7]
  • Master Combatant: Blake also has all the martial knowledge and combat skills that Thor has due to having shared memories with him for years, claiming whatever Thor can do, he can do better by combing Thor's skills with his own advanced medical knowledge. This was shown when he defeated Sif, the Warriors Three, and many Asgardian soldiers with ease.[20]



Donald Blake's Armor: A handmade armor Blake made out of Jormungand's hide, rendering him virtually invulnerable to injury.[20]




  • The transformation from the Mighty Thor to Don Blake is capricious. The transformation from Blake to Thor creates a bright light and appears to be impactful. The transformation has caused a Storm Giant to lose his grip on the Thunder god[24] and has freed Blake/Thor from rubble that the Thunder god himself was unable to move.[25] However, the transformation has also taken place in Don Blake's office with individuals outside the room not cognizant of this mystical event.[26]
  • The emanations from the transformation from Don Blake to Thor (and vice versa) has also been portrayed as substantial. After months/years of the mystical transformation, the residual energy was enough to power Mercurio's Dimensional Oscillator and open a channel to his 4th Dimension.[27]
  • Don Blake's origins changed frequently over the years:
    • Beginning with Journey Into Mystery #83, Don Blake was implicitly presented as a normal doctor who found the hammer of Thor and began channeling the Thunder God (for lack of a better word) as they shared a single life and experiences.
    • In Thor #159, Odin revealed that Don Blake was merely a magical construct, specifically engineered to present Thor with the opportunity to learn the lesson of humility Odin sought to teach him. Blake had no past before Odin willed him into being to be inhabited by Thor.
    • In Thor Annual #11, while reviewing the saga of Thor, the Norns witnessed Odin's statement, made when he had exiled Thor, that the mortal shell he had created possessed the form and memories of a young medical student whom Odin had selected to be Thor's mortal template.
    • In Mighty Thor #415, Eric Masterson accessed the memories that he now shared with Thor and recalled that Odin had used Keith Kincaid, then a young medical student, as a template for a physical, mental and emotional duplicate who became Donald Blake.
    • Many years later, this was called into question when Thor discovered Don Blake in stasis, a being separate from him and preserved at the exact moment he first struck his magical cane to unleash Thor. Blake awoke from stasis with no memory of any events after that fateful trip to Norway. Over time, Thor learned that Odin indeed used a REAL man named Don Blake as his human host. When Blake discovered Mjolnir, he was placed in suspended animation while Thor retained an aspect of Blake within himself that he could transform into. Odin then admitted that he had lied about using Keith Kincaid as a template because he wished for Thor to believe that Blake had not been a real mortal. However, a further and complicated series of events revealed that the Blake found by Thor was not the original, but a magical construct left in place of the original by Sigyn after she accidentally killed the real Blake while in stasis.[28]
    • In recent years, the magical construct or aspect of Don Blake resurfaced after Ragnarok. It was this incarnation of Blake that reconnected with Mjolnir and resurrected Thor, becoming a part of him once more.[29][17]


  • He usually vacationed in Florida.[30]

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