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Quote1 And it's times like this that don't make me feel so much like a so-called super villain... But instead more like a kid again. One that's waited all day for his parents to leave home so he can invite his buddies over a throw a party he's not supposed to. Of course, in this case... My parents are the Avengers. Quote2



Donald "Donny" Gill was a criminal who was given either Gregor Shapanka's original Blizzard costume or a close duplicate of it by agents of Justin Hammer. He was occasionally partnered with the Beetle and Blacklash (also known as Whiplash) as the "B-Team".[3]

Criminal Life[]

Although the replacement Iron Man (James Rhodes, later codenamed War Machine) convinced the Blizzard to leave Hammer's service and attempt to reform, he eventually returned to crime and to his old employer. Blizzard fought the Thunderbolts on behalf of Justin Hammer.[4]

Donald Gill (Earth-616) from All-New Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Vol 1 2 0001


After Whiplash's death, Donny briefly became an employee of M.O.D.O.K. in yet another world takeover, but was quickly defeated by the Avengers. Angered by the fact that he had lost out once again, he found She-Hulk in a bar and proceeded to freeze her in a block of ice, which she quickly snapped out of. However, as She-Hulk had had a hard day anyway, she refused to fight Donny; instead, she had him sit down next to her and carefully got him drunk before handing him over to the police.[5]


Much later, Abner Jenkins (the Beetle, now codenamed MACH-IV) convinced him to join his new team of Thunderbolts.[6] Very meek for a former super-villain, he had some trouble asserting himself, and performed poorly (if earnestly) as a hero. When Songbird took over as team leader, she benched Donnie indefinitely.[7] Zemo re-enlisted him and had Fixer boost his power suit. Donnie was officially back on the team once Zemo and Songbird's groups united.[8] His suit was destroyed again when the Wellspring of Power erupted, devastating transnormal energy sources, and he was forced into retirement again.[9]


Donald Gill (Earth-616) from Infinity Heist Vol 1 3 001

Blizzard's new appearance

Blizzard returned to the usual business of robbing banks along with Whirlwind. When the Avengers left Earth in order to battle the Builders, he and Whirlwind were approached by Spymaster, who offered them the opportunity to join a group of villains of Iron Man who planned to assault the almost-defenseless Stark Tower. During a briefing, Donny suddenly collapsed in the floor.[1] After waking up, it was revealed to Donny he had suffered changes, such as his skin's pigmentation and the ability to generate ice on his own. Gill had been exposed to the Terrigen Mists unleashed upon the face of the entire Earth by Black Bolt, and being unknowingly an Inhuman descendant, he suffered Terrigenesis, but still couldn't realize what his latent powers were. Blizzard thought that this was his opportunity to "be part of something bigger" and decided to leave Spymaster's team, but he and Whirlwind where brutally attacked by Spymaster and Titanium Man when they tried to leave.[10]

Blizzard and Whirlwind were forced into taking part of the assault to Stark Tower, but after Spymaster used teleporter discs to teleport some Iron Man Armors to the buyers, he escaped and left Blizzard and the rest of his accomplices to be discovered by the heroes which were using the tower as a base. They managed to defeat the heroes, and they were offered to be taken to Spymaster by Titanium Man. When they arrived to a spaceship where Spymaster was, they were ambushed by him and Titanium Man, who revealed himself as Captain Atlas of the Kree, the buyer.[11]

They managed to escape custody and started fighting Spymaster, Titanium Man and the army of Iron Men, controlled by the first. The actual Iron Man arrived to the spaceship, after having tracked down the armors, and helped Blizzard and his allies defeat the enemies. During the fight, Blizzard used the powers he discovered of being like a human battery to overcharge the armors and deactivate them, but he fainted and fell of the spaceship's cargo door. A suit Iron Man was controlling rescued him, but in order to let his friends escape, Blizzard froze himself and the suit. Donny was taken to S.H.I.E.L.D. custody and was left sedated under the virtual simulation that he had been delivered to the Inhumans in order to prove himself as the changed man Gill thought he was, until S.H.I.E.L.D. could know what to do with him.[12]

Controlled by Eternity's Children[]

Blizzard next surfaced under the employ of the Assassins Guild, who had targeted Elektra after she helped retired assassin Cape Crow evade them. Blizzard attempted to take down Elektra in the Arctic, but failed.[13]

After hearing that Tony Stark was in China, Blizzard travelled to the Great Wall and covered it in ice as a display of force to lure Iron Man and fight him in revenge for leaving him to S.H.I.E.L.D. during their previous encounter. He was instead confronted and defeated by Starbrand and Nightmask after the former had noticed Blizzard's attack.[14] Becoming possessed by the Abstract Entity Entropy, Blizzard joined the efforts of Nitro and Graviton, who were controlled by Explosion and Gravitation, respectively, to kill Starbrand. All three villains were encased in amber by Starbrand when their fight took them to the North Pole.[15] When S.H.I.E.L.D. was preparing to transport the villains, their masters liberated them and amplified their powers. In their subsequent confrontation against Starbrand, Blizzard dealt him a fatal blow.[16] As Starbrand healed himself, Nightmask managed to stop the intervention of the Abstract Entities, severing their ties to their pawns, and returning the villains to their normal power levels. Despite their lack of memory of their recent activities, Blizzard and the other two villains attacked Starbrand. Starbrand managed to defeat them, and neutralized them with sedation collars salvaged from S.H.I.E.L.D.'s equipment on the scene.[17]

Pleasant Hill[]

Donnie was subsequently incarcerated at Pleasant Hill,[18] a clandestine S.H.I.E.L.D. prison that used reality-warping to subdue its inmates, turning them into model citizens of a contained small-town society. When Baron Zemo orchestrated a break-out from within, all the prisoners regained their true identities.[19] Blizzard was one of the villains who rampaged across the town,[18] and took part in the final battle between the forces of Baron Zemo and the Avengers.[20] In the aftermath of Pleasant Hill, Blizzard attended The Hood's recruitment meeting for those seeking revenge for it, though the gathering was cut short when Titania objected to The Hood's intention to kill the families of the people involved with Pleasant Hill, and in response he teleported every attendee from his hideout to the streets of New York, leaving them to scramble before the police arrived.[21]

Books of Korvac[]

When the hyper-intelligent cyborg Korvac set out to become God using lightning harvesting, he enlisted Blizzard's help due to his knowledge of currents.[22] Gill's presence served a secondary purpose, since Korvac had manipulated Tony Stark into giving him funding. Korvac made sure that Blizzard and his other two disciples, Unicorn and the Controller, were familiar with Stark in order to fight him. When Korvac decided to dispose of Stark, he lured him into a trap and confronted him alongside his disciples. Korvac left Iron Man and his new crime-fighting partner Hellcat for dead after electrocuting them himself.[23] Iron Man and his allies then raced Korvac and his acolytes to Taa II, the worldship of Galactus, where Korvac intended to reabsorb the Power Cosmic.[24] Once inside Taa II, the two factions came into conflict, and Blizzard was defeated alongside the rest of Korvac's acolytes.[25] Korvac managed to tap into the Power Cosmic, but was later defeated by Iron Man.[26]

Lethal Legion[]

Along with a number of other second-rate supervillains, Blizzard was recruited into Hank Pym's new anti-Ultron Lethal Legion.[27]


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Electricity Manipulation: Gill is an Inhuman with the ability to manipulate electrical currents. For now, he has only been able to overcharge electronics, like the Iron Patriot Armor and the Hulkbuster Armor.[12] Gill can also charge the energies within his body and disperse it enabling him to disable mechanical, or any other kind of electronic devices within a given radius. It is not known whether he can affect any other forms of energy.[12]



  • Blizzard Armor: While wearing the armor he can generate cold and ice and is immune to low temperatures.[28]

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