Shoulders McGill was a contract killer who used his son, the mutate known as Silver Death, as his weapon of choice. He was employed by the McCloud Brothers to eliminate their competition in Glasgow. Shoulders was suspected to be crazy, seeing the mutation of his son as a gift from God. Also, for each rival killed by his son, Shoulders received a bottle of whiskey from his employers. [1]

The McCloud Brothers arrange for Shoulders to kill Captain Britain and Meggan after thesetwo, helped by Dai Thomas, had attracted their attention, posing for a few days as mobsters moving into the Glasgow gang scene, and had been busting up the premises of every local outfit hoping to attract the killer's attention. [1]

Eventually, McGill confronted Dai Thomas in the warehouse where the heroes were waiting. He released Silver Death from the briefcase he carried him in, and Dai was only saved by the swift intervention of Captain Britain. After a brief running battle, Meggan and the Captain ended the threat of the Warpie when the latter hero finally got a clear shot and struck Silver Death hard enough to shatter him, killing him. McGill was apprehended by Captain Britain and revealed to have been manipulated by the McCloud Brothers into believe himself on a "sacred purge of the underworld". [1]

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