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Quote1.png He believed in me-- just like his husband, Dr. Donald Meland. They pleaded for me to stay in Houston. Guilted me into it, actually. Quote2.png
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Meland is a doctor who works in the Park Plaza Hospital of Houston and is married to Officer Wally Layton. He attended a young Mexican girl named Aracely who was being trafficked, but found by Kaine.[1]

He later helped Kaine to treat her when Kaine decided to keep her at his room in the Four Seasons Hotel if a villain named Salamander would try to get her again, after he failed doing so in the hospital.[2]

He was protected by Scarlet Spider when Terrance Mitchell hired the Assassins Guild to kill him because he blamed him for the death of his wife and daughter in the operating room.[3]

When Kraven the Hunter kidnapped Kaine's friend in order to lure him to a fight to the death, Donald was seriously injured when Anna Kraven tried to kill him in order to motivate Kaine into fighting Kraven. Meland survived, but his life expectancy following an operation was low.[4] It is later revealed that he survived the operation when Peter Parker visited Houston to find out what Kaine had been doing while he was living there.[5]

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