Quote1 Wall Street's nervous enough with that kid Harry taking over, we've got to get him out. Quote2
-- Donald Menken src

Donald Menken was a high-ranking board member of Oscorp. He was the one to welcome Harry Osborn back to New York. Upon the death of Harry's father, Norman Osborn, and Harry's succession to CEO of Oscorp, Menken and the other board members were humiliated by the younger Osborn in his first board meeting. Menken later spied on Harry's reunion with childhood friend Peter Parker and discussed removing Harry from Oscorp and covering up the accident involving Max Dillon with Oscorp's head of security.

He was involved in the experimentation of Max by Dr. Ashley Kafka at the Ravencroft Institute, and used this as a means to frame Harry and have him removed from Oscorp. Harry later returned with Max, having freed him, and was coerced into taking Harry to the off-the-books "Special Projects Division", where after being forced to inject Harry with Richard Parker's spider venom he witnessed the start of Osborn's resulting transformation before fleeing the building. He dies off-screen.[1]

  • A deleted scene from The Amazing Spider-Man 2 depicts Harry Osborn killing Donald Menken shortly after he is injected with the spider venom. As this scene did not make the final cut of the film, it can be assumed that Donald Menken is still alive in the continuity of the Amazing Spider-Man films.[2]
  • The actor who portrays Donald Menken, Colm Feore, previously portrayed Laufey in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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