Donna Garth is the daughter of former New Orleans coffee magnate, Simon Garth. When Donna was only twenty-three years-old, her father was murdered by a gardener named Gyps and resurrected as an undead Zombie. Gyps, having been spurned by Donna in the past, took control of the Zombie and ordered it to murder her. Some part of the Zombie's brain recognized Donna as his daughter, and he was unable to complete the task.

Donna eventually came into possession of one of two mystical talisman's known as the Amulets of Damballah. The other talisman was worn by the Zombie and was used as a means of controlling the Zombie's actions. Donna briefly lost one of the amulets, but it was eventually recovered and she learned the truth about her father.

She later married Bruce Mason. On her wedding day, her father, who had been returned to human form for a day, came back and witnessed the wedding[1]

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