Don Gorman was a test pilot for the National Aero Corporation and the inventor of a new plane engine that could make a plane travel 1000 miles an hour. He had intended to turn this technology over to the U.S. government once he had finished testing. However, his invention became targeted by foreign spies. In addition, his employer Chester Orsen pressured him into selling the design to Nazi purchasing agent Anson Dictor. Despite the offers of purchase, Gorman remained loyal to his country and refused.

When short range tests were a success, Gorman needed to test long range flights. Orsen, having connections to All-State Airlines, arranged to have the engines installed in their entire fleet of commercial airliners. However, soon after, the planes disappeared on their maiden flights with the new engines prompting fears that they were stolen by spies.

Gorman was charged by the military to find the missing engines but was captured by crooks hired by spies to eliminate Gorman. Don saved himself from being blown up and using a specially made device tracked the planes due to the fact that his engines gave off a unique magnetic pulse. With the U.S. Miliary, Gorman raided the spy base, freeing the captured passengers (including his fiancée Betty Nestor) and reveal that Dictor and Orsen were behind the theft.[1]

Gorman's subsequent activities are unrevealed. For undisclosed reasons, his jet engine was never adopted by the U.S. Military, one source suggesting that it may have been due to the fact that they were easily traceable.[2]


Don is a skilled fighter and pilot as well as a keen inventor.

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