Donovan Jones beat out two competitors to become the third Prototype after Jimmy Ruiz quit UltraTech. Jones was fired after Gordon Bell demolished UltraTech headquarters and J.D. Hunt took over the company. The Techuza recruited and augmented Jones to become their personal Ultra assassin, the Engine of Destruction.

Powers and Abilities


  • Techno-Healing Factor: Donovan Jones could absorb energy from outside sources or directed attacks and use that power to rebuild and improve broken machinery. As an armored fighter, this allowed him to repair any damage done to his suit in battle. His power could also improve his armor on the fly, making any area that was previously damaged stronger and harder to break again.[1]


  • If his armor was damaged too much too quickly, Jones's mechanical healing factor would rebuild it SO strong, the servos and exoskeleton could no longer move it. He would be invulnerable, but also immobile.

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