Dontrell "Cockroach" Hamilton was a hitman in New York City.

He was hired to assassinate a corrupt employee of Adonis Chemical. Hamilton was successful despite the intervention of Luke Cage. During his hit, "Cockroach" also shot Luke Cage with his custom 6-barrel shotgun, which blew Cage off the roof of a building and separated his shoulder. During their next confrontation, Hamilton surprised Cage by firing gas at him, rendering him unconscious. He then tied him to the Harlem Riber drawbridge, intending for Cage to be torn apart when the bridge would open.[1]

After meeting up with his employer Piranha Jones, they attacked a truck shipping chemical across the city, but were stopped by Power. During the fight the canister was cracked and threatened to release its contents on an unsuspecting city.[2] The intervention of Detective Chase gave Luke the chance to contain the explosion, which knocked him out. Cockroach and Piranha took him to their hideout, where they tossed him him into a pool of water filled with Piranhas. Cage managed to escape and defeat both of them and left them behind for the police to collect.[3]


  • "Josh": Hamilton had a six-barrel shotgun, which he named "Josh", that he was very possessive of. It fired lethal ammunition blasts as well as gas.[4]

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