Doodkill was a small secluded town located in upstate New York where a necromancer found sanctuary from Hydra, who was trying to recruit him for his abilities.

As time went on, the inhabitants of the village started to naturally pass away. Determined to preserve the community he had found, the necromancer started bringing everbody back, turning it into a village of the dead of which he became its mayor. Over the years, the undead inhabitants of Doodkill tried to live normal lives, albeit as reanimated corpses.

In modern times, word of Doodkill's existence reached Blade after one of its inhabitants, Doug, was seen by the train station by the passenger of a train. Doodkill's mayor soon heard chatter in the occult communities that a dhampir (a human/vampire hybrid) had taken offense to their existence and set out to wipe them out.

Having confused the word "dhampir" for "vampire," the mayor hired mercenary Gwenpool to kill the looming attacker. Once Blade reached Doodkill, he attempted to slay its inhabitants until Gwenpool convinced him they meant no harm. Unfortunately for the young mercenary, once Blade left, she found out that the mayor had kept his own children captive for twenty years, and used their life energy to keep the undead alive.[1]


  • According to Doodkill's mayor, the first word in this town's name is of Dutch origin.[1] "Dood" means "death" in this language, so fully translated, "Doodkill" is "Deathkill."

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