Doom's Flying Sled

Doom's Flying Sled (Earth-616) from Dazzler Vol 1 3
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Doom's Flying Sled
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This open jet-powered flying vehicle with red hull had capacity for one driver and one or two passengers, without a belt but with some less apparent security measure that prevents the passenger from falling. Its creator Doctor Doom can summon the sled using its armor.[1]

Doom once used this sled to pick him up when he raided the United Nations Headquarters to steal one of the Stones of Merlin from a Latverian exhibit. The superheroine Dazzler confronted Doom and was promptly defeated. Doom decided to capture her and took her in his sled[1] to his nearby secret lair.[2]

Soon afterward, Doom abandoned his base in a hurry because the Fantastic Four discovered it. Doom may have left in the sled or he may have left it behind for the Fantastic Four to find.[2]


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