Built by Doctor Doom and stored in Doom's New York Castle, the Doom-bot was stored in an automatic murder room along with several other traps. Doom launched the Doom-bot against Mr. Fantastic when the later raided the castle. Doom first contained Fantastic using Victorium ropes, expecting his enemy to release with relative ease. He then launched the Doom-bot and a laser cannon at once against Fantastic. This was done purposely to give Fantastic a hint for Doom's entertainment: Fantastic could use the Doom-bot to reflect the lasers, if he noticed its properties in time. Fantastic indeed disassembled the Doom-bot by shaping himself into a ball and ricocheting to charge on it, and then took pieces of the Doom-bot to reflect the laser back to its cannon. Doom congratulated Fantastic on his resourcefulness, but then unleashed a new trap against him!


Being a robot, it is immune to mental attacks. It is also immune to laser rays because it was built with reflecting materials.


Relatively fragile, can be broken down by a ricocheting ball-shaped Mr. Fantastic


An ax

Not to be confused with the un-hyephenated Doombot

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