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Synopsis for "Long Live... King Doom The First!"

Visiting the Cyberspace with Wire after this one had checked Jordan Boone's data about his Virtual Unreality project, Doom is quickly approached by virtual former dictators and conquerors who made him conquer the world, killing all of the actual dictators, using the past's armies of the unreality to conquer the real world.

He soon start acting as a despot, killing thousands in his conquer, terminating every opponents without justice or mercy, affecting the innocents, annihilating the borders.

He is encountered by Wire, who use at his turn the Virtual Unreality to bring an old Latverian prince use his magic to make Victor forgot all about this adventure and cancel the events. He also revealed that Doom had reached to the Nexus of All Realities, probably accessible through the Virtual Unreality.

Doom came back in the past, unbeknownst of his recent acting, and then leave the Cyberspace with Wire, saying he was only interested by the real world.


Takes place outside of the main story. It seems to take place after Doom 2099 Vol 1 13 but before the Fall the Hammer crossover. Also before 2099 Unlimited #7.[1]


Wire sing a "For the time, they are a-changin'." of Bob Dylan, saying Duke Stratosphere (Earth-928)Duke Stratosphere used to be fond of.

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