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The Doom Squad was formed by Doctor Doom. Four of the best soldiers in the Latverian Army[1] were provided with high-tech armors, designed by Doom himself "to defeat the Fantastic Four."[1][2] Only one Doom Squad was formed, with supposedly fearless troopers which were trained and familiarized with the armors. They even were known in Latveria.[1]

The armors were first used in Doom's Adirondack Mountains castle, New York State,[2] under the command of a Doombot they believed to be Doom himself. The X-Men were infiltrating the castle supposedly to release a prisoner; but the Doombot, expecting this, emptied the cell and alerted the Squad. The Squad fought with Wolverine, Colossus, Angel and Nightcrawler.[2]


Doom Squad member

Under the leadership of Angel, the X-Men's teamwork was enough to defeat the less-resourceful Squad: The Angel was entangled by a Squad member, but he flew away so that the armored warrior was as imprisoned as he was, giving Wolverine a chance to rip away his armor. Another Squad member trapped Nightcrawler in his net, but Nightcrawler tricked this man and his partner to shoot each other while he teleported away.[2] The last survivor, aghast, decided to retreat,[2] but the Doombot noticed that and decided to punish him.[1][2]

The armors were never tested against the Fantastic Four, as was intended.[1]


Equipment: * The armor provides the Squad with protection against attacks[1][2] -although not enough to withstand Wolverine's Adamantium claws-[2] and also different powers:[1][2]

    • Infrared Scanners: Can detect heat sources in line of sight.[1]
    • Grappling Lines: Can shoot six steel wires from holes in the breast plate, to grapple an enemy.[1][2]
    • Force lightnings: Each arm of the armor ends in a steel ball that can shoot a very powerful lightning.[1][2] The bolt can also be shot from their chests.[2]
    • Asbestos Net: Can shoot an asbestos net from the breast plate,[1][2] specially effective against fire attacks.[1]
    • Flight: Jets in the boots allow them to fly, although at a very low speed.[1][2]

Known Abilities:

  • Military experience.[1]
  • Martial arts, including boxing.[1]

Strength Level:

  • With the armor, the Doom Squad had almost superhuman strength.[1][2]

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