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In Earth-TRN564, Doctor Doom recruited two new members for the Doom Squad, provided them with battlesuits and assigned them to the New York City Latverian Embassy. Their first mission came when Doom's enemy Andro, Lord of Androids started a campaign against Doom in New York. Doom reacted with a mission to find Andro's secret base, sending his robot Silent Stalker after Andro. The Doom Squad would protect the Stalker from any real or perceived threat while the Stalker focused on tracking Andro (but the Stalker would react if directly attacked).[1]

The Doom Squad, being bullies, were eager to test their armors in real conditions. Thus, while the Stalker relentlessly advanced through the streets, the Squad pushed away any bystander in its way, causing fear in the population. This attracted the attention of some superheroes, who went to confront these strangers.[1]

During the fight, one Squad member knocked over a car, that catched fire, and disregarded the two people inside the vehicle. Also during the fight, a motorcyclist was so scared that crashed against a scaffolding in a building. Two workers in the fourth floor were left in an unsteady situation.[1]


Equipment: * The armor provides the Squad with protection against attacks, and also different powers:[2]

    • Infrared Scanners: Can detect heat sources in line of sight.[2]
    • Grappling Lines: Can shoot six steel wires from holes in the breast plate, to grapple an enemy.[2]
    • Force lightnings: Each arm of the armor ends in a steel ball that can shoot a very powerful lightning.[2]
    • Asbestos Net: Can shoot an asbestos net from the breast plate, specially effective against fire attacks.[2]
    • Flight: Jets in the boots allow them to fly, although at a very low speed.[2]

Known Abilities:

  • Military experience.[2]
  • Martial arts, including boxing.[2]

Strength Level:

  • With the armor, the Doom Squad had almost superhuman strength.[2]


The RPG adventure Deeds of Doom leaves the end of the encounter to the Judge's and player's discretion. Should the player characters defeat the Squad, they may be able to follow the Stalker to Andro's secret lair. Should the player characters lose, the Squad simply leaves them behind and go on their way. In that case, apparently they do not find and destroy Andro's base because that's left for the players in a later episode of the adventure.[1]

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