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Doombot had been imprisoned by Dr. Hank Pym. However, after the defeat of Ultron, Pym changed his policy about keeping artificially intelligent prisoners and began reprogramming the Doombot.[8][2] As a failsafe precaution to maintain Doombot's loyalty, Pym implanted a micro black hole in Doombot's chest.[9]

Hank Pym working on Doombot

When a new A.I. threat calling itself Dimitrios surfaced, Dr. Pym decided to create a special A.I. division of the Avengers. In addition to Vision and Victor Mancha, Pym added Doombot to the roster.[2]

As part of the Avengers A.I. Squad, Doombot helped rescue Alexis in Atlanta,[2] defeat a Sentinel attacking the Washington Monument,[10] and infiltrate The Diamond.[11][12] During his time with the Avengers A.I., Doombot became close friends with Victor Mancha.[13][14]

Following the death of Pym and the disbanding of the Avengers A.I. team, the Avengers seemingly lost track of Doombot.[3] When Doombot learned of the "death"[15] and reactivation of Victor Mancha,[16] he traveled to the Hostel where Victor lived with the Runaways to offer to create him a new body.[14] Despite the quality of a body Doombot provided Victor, the teenager had become traumatized by the events that had led to his deactivation so he turned it down.[3]

Helping Chase Stein rebuild Victor Mancha

When the Runaways celebrated Christmas, they invited Doombot.[17] During this time, the Runaways had become besieged by the children of the Gibborim, and one of the Gibborim left by his nestmates to guard the Runaways, Gib, attacked and thrashed Doombot.[18] After turning against his nestmates and following their defeat, Gib warned the Runaways that he had destroyed Doombot.[19] Chase Stein worked on fixing Doombot and removed the micro black hole, which prompted the robot to become violent when he was reactivated. Victor, who had regrown his body, wired himself to Doombot.[20] Finding himself inside Doombot's mind, Victor managed to convince him not to resume his old programming just because his kill switch had been removed, but to embrace his uniqueness and his benevolence.[21]

Although he turned down Victor's offer to move to the Hostel,[22] Doombot eventually changed his mind after the Runaways had a run-in with Los Angeles hero Doc Justice and became their sidekicks only to discover that he routinely had his protégés killed for publicity. Once the Runaways returned to the Hostel, Doombot invited himself in to keep an eye on Victor and his teammates for their safety.[7]


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Seemingly those of other Doombots.


Seemingly those of other Doombots.


Micro Black Hole (formerly): As a failsafe precaution, Hank Pym implanted a micro black hole in Doombot's chest.[9] To maintain its size, the black hole had to be occasionally be treated with Pym Particles.[23][11] The micro black hole was later removed by Chase Stein.[20]


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