Quote1.png Bah! The indignity! Doom taking orders from an Avenger! Forced to work side by side with simpering peons! Quote2.png
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Doombot had been imprisoned by Dr. Hank Pym. However, after the defeat of Ultron, Pym changed his policy about keeping artificially intelligent prisoners and began reprogramming the Doombot.[8][2] As a failsafe precaution to maintain Doombot's loyalty, Pym implanted a micro black hole in Doombot's chest.[9]

Hank Pym working on Doombot

Avengers A.I.

When a new A.I. threat calling itself Dimitrios surfaced, Dr. Pym decided to create a special A.I. division of the Avengers. In addition to Vision and Victor Mancha, Pym added Doombot to the roster.[2]

As part of the Avengers A.I. Squad, Doombot helped rescue Alexis is Atlanta,[2] defeat a Sentinel attacking the Washington Monument,[10] and infiltrate The Diamond.[11][12] During his time with the Avengers A.I., Doombot became close friends with Victor Mancha.[13][14]

Doombot helping Chase Stein to rebuild Victor Mancha


Following the death of Pym and the disbanding of the Avengers A.I. team, the Avengers seemingly lost track of Doombot.[3] When Doombot learned of the "death"[15] and reactivation of Victor Mancha,[16] Doombot traveled to the Hostel to offer to create him a new body.[17]


Seemingly those of other Doombots.


Seemingly those of other Doombots.


Micro Black Hole: As a failsafe precaution, Hank Pym implanted a micro black hole in Doombot's chest.[9] To maintain its size, the black hole must occasionally be treated with Pym Particles.[18][11]

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