"Doom-Head" is a Doombot which believed itself to be the real Victor von Doom and began to terrorize Moon Girl upon learning that she had been declared the smartest there is.[2]

When things escalated to "Doctor Doom" and his Doombots briefly holding her friends -- Eduardo and Zoe -- hostage, Lunella took the Gravy of Giant-Sizing potion given to her by Doctor Strange, growing to the size of a building and forcing the Doom's forces to retreat. She then built a Quasi-Quantum Energy Probe and attached it to a streetlight on the Lower East Side of Manhattan to detect the particle bursts and energy signature unique to the mystical movements of "Doctor Doom" so that he could not surprise her again.[3]

Fortunately Moon Girl was with the X-Men during the next attack and Logan beheaded the supposed "Doctor Doom," revealing him to be just another Doombot.[4] Lunella then used the decapitated head to reverse engineer Victor's technology to create her Moonbots.[5]


Seemingly those of other Doombots.


Seemingly those of other Doombots.

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