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Doomgard is the domain of Battleworld where the Thor Corps operated. A ceremony is held in one of Doomgard's halls where different Thors from other domains attempt to lift a Mjolnir, if they succeed, they become part of the Thor Corps.[1]

One of the Thor Corps' most notorious members is Thunderer Thorlief, known as "Ultimate Thor" due to his impressive record of resolved crimes, including the arrest of thirteen Hulks in one night, and having solved the "Mangog murders." His most recent case was the homicide of five different women in different domains, who were revealed all to be different versions of the same person. Ultimate Thor's partner, Beta Ray Thor, was fatally injured in the Kingdom of Manhattan by an unknown enemy right after getting a tip on the identity of the woman from Loki, but he managed to tell her name to Thorlief in his death bed: Jane Foster.[2]

After mourning for their fallen brother, the Thor Corps proceeded to comb through Battleworld for any suspects, any person capable of killing a Thor. Ultimate Thor investigated a Jane Foster from the Kingdom of Manhattan, and found her possessions had been taken by an ex-member of the Thor Corps known as Thor the Unworthy. Ultimate Thor was unable to get information from Thor the Unworthy as he was called by his brother after finding a new victim, a hammer salesman named Donald Blake. Before the investigation could begin, Ultimate Thor pinned down Loki, who was found roaming the crime scene.[3]

During the interrogation, Loki claimed to not have murdered the Jane Fosters or Donald Blakes. Loki stated he has simply moved the bodies so they could be left for the Thor Corps to find. Ultimate Thor later followed Loki's directions to the place where a mass grave for Jane Fosters and Donald Blakes was found, the Deadlands. When he was investigating the corpses, Thorlief was struck from behind by the Rune Thor, one of his least amicables peers, who admitted to have killed Beta Ray while he left Thorlief beaten at the mercy of the zombies of the Deadlands. However, he was unexpectedly saved by Thor the Unworthy.[4]

The Ultimate and the Unworthy Thors rushed back to Doomgard in order to stop the villainous Thors, who were about to get rid of Loki. It was revealed the Rune Thor had murdered the Jane Fosters and Donald Blakes for the sake of Doctor Doom's doctrine, possibly because most Jane Fosters and Donald Blakes from alternate universes were closely tied to their respective Thors. A furious battle took place in the halls of Doomgard, at the same time the Jane Foster of the universe previous to Battleworld was rallying her fellow Thors against God Emperor Doom's lies. The Rune and the Destroyer Thors were defeated, and the Thor Corps proceeded to raid Doom's Castle.[5] [6]

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