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Doomlocks are chronal variance inhibitor invented by Doctor Doom to allow individuals to travel back in time, change the past, and affect their own present without creating a divergent timeline.


The Doomlock was created by Doctor Doom as a way to travel back in time and affect the present.[1]

While in the future, one of Multiple Man's dupes was abducted by captured by Tryp and Anthony Falcone. Tryp and Falcone then made massive alterations to him and added cybernetic modification to turn him into a Doomlock. With his modification, Cortex was sent back in time with instructions to kill specific key individuals whose progeny would become leaders of the Summers Rebellion.[3]

While Cortex carried out his mission in the past, Multiple Man, Layla Miller, and Ruby Summers went visit Doctor Doom in the future to learn about the Doomlocks.[1] Cortex was eventually defeated and thrown into one of Trevor Fitzroy's portals.[4]

Using a Doomlock can severly damage Space-Time itself. Black Panther explained that much of the damage to Space-Time was due to the usage of Doomlocks.[5]


* Chronal Variance Inhibitor: A Doomlock prevents the creation of divergent timelines, allowing someone allow to travel back in time, change the past, and affect their present without creating a divergent timeline. Possessing a doomlock turns one into an "invariable", allowing one to go back in time to change the present, instead of creating alternate ones. It is based in a nanobot charge introduced intravenously.[1][2]

Alternate Reality Versions

Doctor Doom with a Doombox

Son of Namor (Earth-11069)

On Earth-11069, Doctor Doom created a sleeker version of the Doomlock called the Doombox. Using the Doombox, Namor's son travelled back in time to ensure that his parents, Abira and Namor, would not stay together to save Atlantis.[2]


  • Because a Doomlock must be bond to a person, they can only be used by partially cybernetic organisms.[1]

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