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The Doomship was a rocket-like vehicle built by Doctor Doom. The fastes vessel built by Doom by then, she was kept at dry dock in Castle Doom so that she could be shot at any moment, with minimal damage to the environment and leaving only a smell of brimstone as a side effect. She had a flawless, Doctor Doom-developed, communication system with Castle Doom and required only one pilot, but allowed at least one passenger. The astronauts could breathe within the ship but they required hermetic suits to leave to space (Doctor Doom's Armor was valid for this). The astronauts could be launched to space from the cockpit. Doom did not incorporate anti-missile defenses to this ship.[1]

When the Red Skull took over Doctor Doom's lunar base and his Hypno-Ray satellite, Doom formed an uneasy alliance with several superheroes including Captain America and Shroud to stop the Skull. Doom offered to travel to the moon in his Doomship and confront the Skull. The Captain insisted Doom take Shroud with him, firstly to help remembering their cause, and secondly so that Shroud could sabotage the satellite while Doom fought the Skull in a twopronged attack.[1]

Doom indeed left Shroud at the satellite, then piloted the Doomship to the Skull's base. The Skull shot missiles to the ship. Doom first tried to outrun the projectiles in the ship but, when this proved unfeasible, Doom consciously sacrificed the ship by making it collide with a cliff, taking the missiles with her, while Doom himself left the ship with his armor's jetpack.[1]

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