In Earth-TRN564, when Doctor Doom gained office in Latveria, he noticed the genius of robotist Wolfgang Kriegslieber, a political deserter who came from Germany fleeing from the Nazi regime. Doom offered Kriegslieber a position as head research scientist of the country, promising that his work would never be used for military purposes.

After several years, Doom began a secret project to build a giant pacifying robot he would call Doomsman III (as he had previously created two other robots with that name. Doom took Kriegslieber to an undercover, underground laboratory under an American city where Kriegslieber would take Doom's design and help Doom build the robot. The staff of the lab was exclusively made of Doom's robots, including an android replica of Kriegslieber's missing wife and a Doombot to simulate Doom's presence there. The AI Cynthia oversaw the operation, and a Power Transference Machine was available - Should a superpowered being be captured, his or her powers would passed to the Doomsman.

The Darkholders, a cult worshipping the evil god Chthon, pretending to be a "Latverian Pacifist Society", convinced Kriegslieber to join their files by telling him that Doom intended to use the robot for warfare, but they had a solution: The Darkholders had stolen a mystical gem called Dragon's Eye that they claimed to have used to end both World Wars. They told Kriegslieber that, should he modify the Doomsman design to use the Eye as an energy source, then the Darkholders -instead of Doom- would control the robot and use it to stop wars. This was a blatant lie: By doing this, the Darkholders would summon Chthon from his home dimension and allow him to control the robot to wreack havoc.

Doom himself was suspicious of the situation. He did know that one of his scientists had betrayed him, and believed that it had been Kriegslieber. Doom decided to monitor the events, discreetly directing the players if needed, until he had a chance to get the Dragon's Eye - after all, a Latverian Crown Jewel that had belonged to Doom's mother. Besides, the situation was still under Doom's control: Doom made sure that the Doomsman had a self-destruction system that he could activate at any time.

Doom sent Pacifier Robots from his lair to find supplies he needed for the Doomsman, including three homeless people to suck their lifeforce dry and a memory matrix he stole from Stark International killing two security guards in the process. These activities called the attention of some superheroes who decided to investigate. They found a Pacifier Robot in a later mission and followed it to Doom's den. They coincided there with a Darkholder sorcerer, Bane, who was there to pick up Kriesglieber and the robot; Bane attacked the heroes, but was defeated.

When the heroes raided Doom's base and confronted the robots there, Kriegslieber panicked and escaped by teleporting away, along with the Doomsman, to a Darkholder base. Once there, the Darkholders inserted the Dragon's Eye on the Doomsman's forehead and called Chthon in. The Elder God took control of the robot, and the Darkholders directed him against Doom in revenge for Doom's previous actions against them.

The Doomsman reached the capital city of Latveria, Doomstadt, where it started a rampage while relentlessly approaching Castle Doom with the goal of murdering Doom himself. While moving, the Doomsman obliterated at least one townsman with his emerald beam and destroyed a school by burning it down; apparently it also destroyed several of Doom's Warrior Robots. It then found opposition: Doom had recruited the superheroes in his base to help him against the Doomsman, and sent them to Doomstadt onboard a Saucer-ship. The heroes confronted the robot and defeated it. At that point, Doom recovered the Eye, congratulated his allies and wished them well but also away.

By studying the Doomsman's remains, Doom found the robot's memory and discovered the location of a Darkholder hideaway where Kriegslieber teleported to. Doom sent his heroic confederates there to capture Kriegslieber for his crimes and to confront the Darkholders.


  • Robotic construction providing protection due to the materials used. Cannot be affected by mind attacks, emotional attacks or illusions aimed towards human eyes.
  • Body armor protecting him from damage due to the used materials.
  • Dragon's Eye: When the robot has access to the Dragon's Eye, the god Chthon takes control of its actions. It also gives the robot the following powers:[1]
    • Emerald Ray: The Doomsman can shoot a green bolt from the gem (and apparently also from the left hand) causing a great damage to a single target. If the target is a living being, the robot absorbs its life force and can use it for his other powers, including:[1]
    • Growth: The Doomsman can spend absorbed life force to grow in size even more,[1] up to the limit of 50'.[2] This effect lasts one day and is then lost.[1]
    • Improving Attributes: The Doomsman can spend absorbed life force to increase his attributes such as strength, intelligence, etc, to a limit. This effect lasts one day and is then lost.[1]
    • Regeneration: The Doomsman can recover his health by spending other people's life force. He can try to do this even if he is in his deathbed.[1]
  • Absorbed Powers: Doctor Doom prepared the events so that the Doomsman could be gifted with superpowers stolen from some captured victims that he intended to place in the Power Transference Machine. These victims could recover their powers by concentrating and either touching the Dragon's Eye or being hit by the Dragon's Eye emerald ray. If the robot is destroyed or defeated, Doom had the means to restore the powers from the Doomsman to their original owners.

Strength level

Superhuman strength comparable to Vision.[3] The Doomsman can increase its own strenght using his powers.


Self-destruct mechanism: Doctor Doom ensured that the Doomsman III had an installed self-destruct mechanism in case he some day attacks its creator. If the self-destruct is activated, the robot stops anything it is doing while its circuits are fused. Dragon Eye dependancy: Kriegslieber's design ensures that the Doomsman can only operate if the Dragon's Eye is installed on its forehead.

Doomsman III's memory matrix, stolen from Stark International, is an advanced system similar to those used by other advanced mechanical lifeforms including Vision.

Doomsman (Earth-TMP564) from Deeds of Doom


The image illustrating the battle shows the Doomsman throwing a bolt from his hand, something that is not listed among its superpowers in text.

Another image in page 30 of Deeds of Doom - where the only text is the character description for the Doomsman - shows a huge robot with a human working on it. Should the robot be the Doomsman being built, which would be the only reasonable assumption, then it is much taller than the 10' it is supposed to have in most conditions.

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