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Doomstadt is the capital domain of Battleworld, where God Emperor Doom and his Sheriff, Stephen Strange, operated. Doomstadt is the place where courts are held by Strange, under the supervision of Doom and the Thor Corps. The roots of Yggdrasil emerge from Castle Doom, which is also guarded by a Galactus.[1] Castle Doom also has a statue of the Molecule Man in it.[2] In Doom's private garden is another Molecule Man statue that has a trapdoor beneath it. The trapdoor leads to a glowing white space where the Molecule Man resides and acts as the source of Doom's power.[3]

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  • The writing of the words "Fehu-Nautiz-Uruz" acts as a spell to teleport anybody to Doomstadt from anywhere.[1]


  • The Galactus that stands guard emits yellow smoke like Old Galactus.

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